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590,000 bazillion green flies! This is an estimate as I just didn't have time to set down in the middle of the busy blacktop road and count'm one by one. Mr teenage possum wandered out to where he shouldn't have gone. A slick speedin car [I assume it was a car] came flyin over the hill and "ironed out" the little guy. I first thought he was "play'n possum" but alas --he wasn't! "Deader'n an old door nail" he was. He had lots of company tho, what with all those green flies a buzz'n around his'n little body. I did remove it to the weeds in the roadditch where he could stink up that area and return to the earth in seclusion and dignity. Right across the way from the 6000 head of feeder pigs, he was. I also assume he was headed in that direction for a free meal. The dead hogs are composted in sawdust and in the heat would be almost ready to eat---for the little possum, that is.

Sat dinner [noon meal for all ya'll city slickers] at our'n house: PINTO BEANS, BAKON, HAM CHUNKS AND TATERS! That's a purty hard thing to exceed. It ain't cooked over the wood cookstove but is still fit to eat! Drink bout a gallon a T [with sweetner] half loaf or bread--this makes a purty good "stick to ya'lls ribs" meal for not much cash.

Winter will be here quicker than usual this year--well in these parts anyhow. Time is NOW to prepare for the coming hassel of high fuel prices/shortage of heating fuel/electricity, gasoline and even grub! Start stockin up now as it will get a bunch harder later on. I'm not a prophet of doom but we need to prepare as much as possible while we can.

I've already made my preparations for eternity. NOTHING is more important than where ya'll spend eternity. Heaven awaits for those who Trust Jesus Christ with their soul. No other way exists. ole hoot. Matt.24;44

-- hoot (hoot@pcinetwork.com), August 11, 2001


God bless you hoot!

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (littleBit@compworldnet.com), August 11, 2001.


-- JERRY TRAVIS (travis938@excite.com), August 11, 2001.


Your stories always make me hungry!! (Not the part about the dead opossum though). I'm storin' up my treasures in Heaven too. God bless you.

-- Kathy (jubilant@ncweb.com), August 11, 2001.

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