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While Lil Dumplin and the old fat man were drivin down the "old Ring road" this evenin comin home from ole jeeps house [see related story in cs archives under "wisdom from hoot] we passed by two old grave yards. The first one was the Decker one and further west was "Green Hill". We took a little sash-shay through the greenhill one and looked at the old "graves in the hillside" belongin to the Montgomery family. It reminded me of the time somebody broke into the crypt and hid their loco weed in the place. Nothing was disturbed inside as I recall but it still was grooosum!

Many old graves in that place and some datin back to the late 1700's. This is also the same place I was disturbed last fall. I was metal "detectin" ontop of the hill above the crypt when I heard my truck door slam shut. I had not left it open and even considered on lockin the truck but instead just pulled the keys from the ignition. I would've been out of site by just a few feet and didn't trust the nearest neighbors kids who lived about 1/4 mile away. When I heard the truck door slam---I QUICKLY got into position and looked over the hill at the truck. NOBODY was there! I assume satan was attemptin to scare the daylights out of the old fat man but it don't work. "Greater is He that's in you than he that's in the world". I wasn't feered atoll---just put the slimy devil in his place and started to head for home. "Resist the devil and he will flee from you". It was dusk and hours are daylight to dusk there anyhow. The lyin, stealin old dog sure didn't impress me any. I have BIG angels travelin with AND protecting me! If'n ya'll are Christians ---at least one goes along with ya'll too!

I also knew another graveyard several miles away from this one. Located out in the country too, it also had an above ground crypt. The local "dopies" hid their wacky backy in the small vent of that concrete thingy too. Those dummies would lay their dope ontop of the coffin. Just reach in and remove it when it was needed. On one occasion--it fell off the slick coffin and onto the floor. They couldn't reach it as the vent hole was too small to extend an arm far enough. Solution was to remove the front panel, retreive the dope. That wasn't enough though. Those scallywags decided to remove the old gentleman's coffin. Upon doin that--next step was to remove HIM! They did--leaned'm against a tree and left. A neighbor saw the old gentleman as they drove through the graveyard while attending a loved ones grave. Don't recall of anything happenin to the dopies over that horrible act of disrespect and vandalism. Shortly after that incident one of'm died in a most ungracious and horrible accident. Belive things will be much better walkin the streets of pure gold -with the MASTER! Come join up with the old fat man and LiL Dumplin. Plenty of room in that new home. 1500 cubic miles, streets of pure gold, no light is needed---Jesus Christ is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD AND HEAVEN! No other retirement compares---BAR NONE!

I had no idea this thread would transpire like it has and if the graveyards/robbers makes anybody uncomforable I can most certainly understand why. I HATE gruesome stuff too. It most always takes our eyes off the Prize. Jesus is STILL Lord and in Him I'll continue to Trust. Old hoot, the redeemed. Glory to the Lamb of God! Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, August 11, 2001


Whilst lookin thru these archives I decided to have a looksee at this post. Since nobody had answered it figgered I mite as well do so. Ain't got anything to do with graveyards cept'n they will be in all a disarray when Christ comes for the Christians in the Rapture. Graves will be violently and instantly opened with the old, dead, physical bodies changed to a Glorified body--instantly! The Christians who are alive will be changed also in the twinkling of an eye to our new Glorified body. We'll meet Jesus Christ in the air to go back to heaven with Him. He will be bringin the souls of the dead Christians with Him and they will be reunited with their new bodies.

Only the Christians will see Him this time. All others won't know what happened when they find all the Chritians gone. Aliens? Yeah, I'm afeered that'll be one of the answers given for our disappearance!

Streets of pure gold in heaven. Mansions and no evil of any kind.

Jesus Christ will be comin back soon. If you don't know Him--its still not too late. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- oldhoot (, February 04, 2004.

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