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A lot of news has been made lately by open source companies about open source database management systems. GreatBridge offers a version of PostgreSQL and mySQL is very popular on college campuses. Recently, Red Hat, the veritable Linux distributor, has begun to distribute PostgreSQL, too. Has anyone looked at any of the open source DBMS offerings for creating production business databases? If so, which ones? And has anyone actually implemented a business system using an open source DBMS? If so, how did it go?

-- Craig S. Mullins (, August 13, 2001


Just an add-on here that Great Bridge "gave up the ghost" on PostgreSQL - they got out of the open source DBMS business in the third quarter of 2001. But Red Hat still distributes PostgreSQL and it seems to be getting more support (press, books, discussions, etc.)

Anybody using PostgreSQL or MySQL out there that would like to share their opinions on these products?

-- Craig S. Mullins (, October 22, 2001.

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