Who is Fayral artist of bronze?

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Who is Fayral, the bronze sculptures artist? I too have book ends signed by him (very similar an others signed Max Le Verrier ,N° 478 "Extase") and I wish know Fayral´s biography. May be is Fayral a phantom? I would appreciate any help, please.

-- Claudia Taranto (patios@nornet.com.ar), August 13, 2001


Fayral Fayral and Guerbe were 2 pseudonyms used by the famous Pierre Le Faguays. Fayral and Guerbe were both the family names for his Mother and his Wife. Le Faguays was born in Nantes, France and became famous for the originality he gave his dancers, many of which were inspired by the statues of Tanagra. He gained a medal of honour for his work in 1927. He was a best friend of Max Le Verrier and the Le Verrier foundry made most of - if not all of his pieces.

-- Mike Beard (mrb3993@bellsouth.com), November 06, 2004.

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