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I do believe that no matter what our population, our government can be Constitutional again. In fact, I believe that it may be the only salvation, next to nationwide Salvation, to a republic that is slowly turning into a haven for despotic control. The constitution was set down to protect everyone's interest and to keep governemnt from growing into the monster that governments seem to become. In our nation this has happened illegally against our own laws. As a nation we have given our liberties away, mostly for comfort's sake. Ben Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential liberty for the sake of a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety." Here is a link to the Constitution Party's Platform. I think it very well explains how we can go back to a Constitutional government.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, August 14, 2001


Little Bit, all things are possible with prayer! We all need to be down on our knees praying for our country.

-- Barb (, August 14, 2001.

Yep, I agree. We also need to be beating our feet some. I voted for Phillips last time instead of Harry Browne because I really wanted to give these folks some encouragement. I liked his ideals and although I don't think he would be able to get as much done as he proposed, any of it would have been a step in a better opinion.

-- Doreen (, August 14, 2001.

Little Bit: I do believe that we should be good citizens by standing for what is right, but as good Christians we should be focused more on the Great Commission than the great constitution. God can turn this nation around if He so chooses, but I'm not sure that is His plan. His plan is turn people's hearts around. Whether this constitutional government stands or falls, I don't care, except insofar as its standing makes fulfilling the Great Commission more convenient for us, and our lives easier. My citizenship is in heaven.

-- Skip in Western WA (, August 15, 2001.

Skip, most of the church in America is fast asleep and doesn't even realize what is being done. There are two systems at play, the world's system (of the devil) and God's system. We have to stand for what is right, and the being a good citizen aspect sure seems to be a good excuse not to do anything. How do you think all of these horrors and erosions of both rights and justice continue to expand? Because the government passes a law making it a felony to protest abortion the good Christians obviously don't want a felony record and quit. Myself included. It is by laying back and pawning everything off on being a "good citizen" that all of the evils are allowed to grow unchecked. Good citizens don't rock the boat or demand anything, they just say "well if it's God's will" and pass it off in a karmic fashion. Like the founder's of this country weren't good citizens. They WERE rebels. Against tyrrany, oppression, and overly controlling government. Thyey still had the Great Commission, too. To me that is a good citizen, to those who would like to have power and control over us, those people are not good citizens. God never told people to lay down and sleep until evil had consumed the world.

Yes, we know how it ends, and I believe tha Great Commission is almost done. The great Constitution is something worth fighting for to me, and it's almost done, too. It was good enough for a bunch of my ancestors to fight and die for, and get on boats that were tiny and sail to a place just to be free to worship and free of tyrrany. We've let that go. Personally, I hope I die before I see troops invading and doing house to houses here.

-- Doreen (, August 18, 2001.

To quote Fred Reed,

"People don't care what kinda' gummint they got, they just want 4 wheel drive, two bedrooms that don't leak, 800 digital channels on TV and a six-pack on the weekend."

That is reality for the majority of the American people.

-- Laura (, August 19, 2001.

The Constitution was established because of the Great Commission as much as anything. People wanted to be free to worship and witness. I personall want my children to be free to tell others about Christ without fear of losing their lives. I teach them to give up their life for Jesus, if it becomes necessary. It will become necessary if things don't soon change. All over the world there is a movement to make Christianity and the Great Commission illegal. Missionaries are being murdered daily to stop their message. The US is underpressure from the UN to stop our citizens from witnessing by making it illegal to do so. As a Christian it is my duty and obligation to stand for what is right even under fear of death. As a Christian it is my witness to stand for righteousness no matter what. To say that it is wrong to cheat, lie, and steal out of one corner of my mouth while I allow a government where my votes and decisions decide the law to do the very same, makes my witness bafore all of America a bad one. How can the church preach the Ten Commandments and then sit by while the government they vote on breaks them. Does this further the Great Commission? I think not. In fact I think the Churches appathy toward our government gone mad is part of the reason America is in the position she is today. So many Pastors have taken the view point that they didn't need to take a stand in the governing of a nation tha was for and by them, and what is the result? Do the people of America respect them more? Are waves of revival spreading across this great nation because we have no time for protecting the Constitution that Christians died to give us? Instead, we have left the Constitution, so has America fallen away from God. As the church, who actively participated in the establishment of the Constitution, left it, so have Americans abandoned them. My bible says that God establishes governments among men. If that is so then it is no wonder that as America tramples her founding laws underfoot, she also tramples the God that created her and will ultimately repay her SIN.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, August 21, 2001.

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