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With the old clunkers lined up on the blacktop road, motors smokin and knock'n---the flag is dropped. Off they go, tires a barkin, smoke rollin and the grindin of gears. At the end of the run a young ya hoo watches halfway closely for the first to cross the finish line. The fastest old car on the "strip" was a 55 chevy business coupe owned by Paul Weiler. What was once the cheapest car that could be bought---it didn't even have a back seat, rear windows that rolled down, heater AND NO RADIO! Six cylinder engine that ole Paul blew up shortly after buyin it. In place of the old "blown" six banger he dropped in a 56 Chev. V8 - Power pack engine and hooked it to his little three speed "stick" transmission. The Power Pack had dual exhausts and a 4 bbl carb settin ontop of the small block 265 cubic inch engine. NOTHING could keep up with'm --let alone pass! His old chev was the car to beat. Many tried and none succeeded. I bought an old 55 Chev. 2 door post--210 series. It already had the little 265" in it with a 2 bbl carb. About 3 months after I bought it, after many drag races, my engine laid down too. I was lookin for something just llike Paul's engine. I found it! Dropped that raskel in, with cutouts installed in the dual exhausts, with 2" pipe caps for shutoffs. By the time I finally got mine up and runnin--in time to race Paul's--he had already blown his engine! Much talk had been made about the fastest of his and mine. We did finally race--and I won --but---his engine was runnin on 7 cyliners. I'm sure if both had been in their prime--he would've won. Reason---? I had a back seat, rear windows that rolled down, a heater AND a RADIO!

Gasoline at .32 cents a gallon, 2 gallon can of recleaned "Empire State" motor oil for $2 and used tires for a buck. What else could a body want? Well, we bought those engines for $50 or so. Hamburger was .15 cents a pound. Course wages were $1 an hour unless ya'll just fell into a job payin $1.25 an hr. Time has changed a bunch of things. Some were good changes and some were not--still life goes on.

Lookin forward a mite--time is runnin out for the "Age of Grace". It will be closed very quickly when Jesus Christ comes for His Church. The time to trust Him is NOW---before Almighty God says--"Son, go get My children". Are ya'll ready? old hoot. Matt. 24:44

-- old hoot gibson (hoot@pcinetwork.com), August 14, 2001


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