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"Wally world--west" is what it's called. A scrap iron place just north of my house about 3 miles. Located alongside the railroad tracks and north of U.S. 50, owned by a young whippersnapper who'se into makin money. He tried this little venture about 4 years ago and found it was a moneymaker but very time comsumin. The result was to do something else with his'n time and let this thing be. He opened the gate and walked away. Oh, he comes back every few days and has a look see. At times he also gets the "trash baler" into bale up old cars and other junk. He's makin more money now than ever before. He don't have to buy anything from anybody--they just dump it there as an easy way to get rid of it. I used to "shop" there every few days but have since kinda slacked off. I've also took bunches of scrap iron and aluminum there and retreived things I needed that was there. Ole Jeep has taken bunchs of stuff there and I've seen it later and brought it home with me!

Folks from all around visit "Wally world west" and get used car parts or anything else they might need. It's turned out to be a real good deal for most people involved but I imagine it won't be too long until it's "closed for repairs", by the EPA. Some people are now dumpin their trash, batteries, junk tires and hazardous stuff there.

I've also noticed that some people think they're doin something wrong by dumpin their scrap iron there. They invariably just drop it in the little lane leadin uphill to the best part. It's been closed off that way more than once. "Gotta dump this stuff and make a quick get away before I'm caught"-type mentality. Not much desire to consider their fellow man in their everyday haste to "get away" with something that turns out to be beneficial to others.

The leaders in Russia military are now say'n there will be war in the Middle East. All of the Arab nations will come against Israel very shortly---3 to 6 months they are say'n. Wow! We KNEW that a long time ago from Bible Prophesy. The time is closing very fast before Jesus Christ comes back for His church. I'm ready--are YOU? Old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (hoot@pcinetwork.com), August 15, 2001


Puter's been down for about 2 months, just got it up and running again a day or so ago and am trying to catch up on what I missed. Read the last paragraph of the above post and note the date. As of today, our son-in-law is in Saudi Arabia (Bahrain) for training for 2 weeks, already changed to 4 weeks. He's retired USN commander, working for Navy as civilian but also in reserves. "Lift up your heads, redemption draweth nigh"! ruth in se Illinois

-- ruth in se Illinois (bobtravous@email.com), October 27, 2001.

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