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I pulled the old dude into it's parkin spot 3 weeks ago. No problems until next mornin when I needed it. The old dog refused to start! I was suprised, to say the least. It just DON'T fail to start--but--it did. Well, it was just too hot to work on it till last evenin. Had a "look see" at the rotor inside the distributor cap. Yeppie! A known trait for chevy engines. A small hole burned in the rotor. I looked for my spare [ya'll ALWAYS carry a spare in the glove box] and it was gone. After buyin one today and installin it this evenin---it ran! Then the exhaust system FELL OFF!!!! Propane motor fuel leaked out somewhere too! Lost about 30 gallons of that old stinkin cheap stuff! With a 116 gallon tank--it ain't cheap to fill it up but then again it doesn't require fillin very often! Rekon I need to check that oil and trans fluid sometime soon! Grease? What's that?

While in town today in Lil Dumplins truck, noticed they were raisin the price of gasoline from $1.31 to $1.45. Found one station that hadn't changed their yet so topped it off there. Guess we're gettin ready for Labor Day weekend and some more price gougin. I'll continue to burn L.P. in my old 78 Chev. 4 wheel pull. At least ya'll don't hafta worry bout some people stealin [siphonin] ya'lls fuel!!

Lay yourself up treasures in heaven where thieves don't break in and steal and rust don't corrupt! I have and am inviting ya'll to join in with Lil Dumplin and me. old hoot gibson--the redeemed! Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (hoot@pcinetwork.com), August 15, 2001


This mornin I went to where Ole Jeep was sawin logs. No, not sleepin- -sawin REAL logs on his'n Woodmizer bandmill. I think the maximum diameter logs recommended is something like 30-". Course, that don't bother ole jeep much. He and ole "Allthread" don't pay no nevermind to that. These logs were some of the biggest logs I've seen around these parts. Red Oak and the biggest was over 42" at the butt. I don't know if he sawed that one but the one he was sawin while I was there squared off [after bark and exterior rot was slabbed off] at 23" or 24". That's a mighty big hunk of lumber. He was sawin that stuff 1" thick and those boards were really something to see. Eight footers and 2 feet wide!

I came home just before noon. It was just too hot for the old fat man out in that 90 plus weather! Figgered if'n I was gonna lift a bunch I'd come home and use my "lift'n" machine. Ya'll know---that thing ya'll set on and move heavy things to help remove the flab? Well-yes that thing. It's cool in our house!

Stay cool while think'n about the upcoming winter. Not only will gasolline be in short supply [man made] but heating fuels will follow closely. Gotta get that price up because Big Wigs of the oil industry just don't have nuff cash layin around to go to Florida this winter.

Now is also the time to prepare for Eternity! For far too many they won't need any heat. Yet for others they won't need a/c either. Jesus Christ is COOL!!! Tell everybody you know or meet about Him. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot gibson (hoot@pcinetwork.com), August 22, 2001.

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