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The old man would set in his prison cell chawin "state" tobacco and tellin about his old homeplace he was gonna go back to when he got out. A small tin can was his "spit can" and was always GROSS! I'd stop by his cell every once in awhile and talk with'm a mite. He was always so glad to loaf and have somebody take the time to stop. Well into his 80's way back in 69, in poor health, all bent over with age and hard work. He had originally came from Arkansas when he was just a teenager. Stole a horse was his first ticket to the big house. They chained'm up to a tree out front of the prison until the next day when it was "open" for business. A thunderstorm came up in the night and scared'm rite smart, he said.

He painted pictures of his childhood in Arkansas in the teens. I recall one picture in particular. It was a large two wheeled cart pulled by an oxen. Loaded with garden grub with geese runnin alongside waitin for something to eat. He said it was in his memory and he painted from that. A beautiful scenery picture with the little winding dirt lane, house in the background and barn behind that. Now, I don't know if he actually remember that picture as I think I've seen it elsewhere in public domain. I'll give'm credit though--he could've sold it to somebody for publication.

His time was already up to get out but with nobody waitin for him on the outside---the state just let him stay in the "joint" until he died. He had been out several times in the many years of prison life but always got into trouble outside and sent back up. I recall the last time was for murderin several people in a hotel fire he'd set at a hotel in Alaska.

The old man has long been dead I'm sure. After I left prison to take a job as a police officer, I never heard from'm again. I do remember one more thing tho---he just LOVED summer crookneck squash all cooked up with butter and sugar on it. I've often wondered about'm since and if he'd ever considered eternity back then. I just don't recall if I'd ever witnessed to'm. It's been over 30 years ago and many people have crossed my path since then. If I didn't witness to him I'm sure I will have to answer for it when I meet Jesus Christ. I just hope somebody else did whether I did or not. I also hope the old dude is walkin the streets of Glory! old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, August 16, 2001

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