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Hi folks. I have about a week before the next wave of family activities hits me and I was able to elbow my way to the computer to let you all know what I am up to.

It has been a summer of great blessings and great losses. I had a set of in-laws visiting in July. It was the first time I met my BIL and I know my kids and I have never laughed so hard in our lives. Sunny days with beach hikes, flying kites, polka parties and even a Partridge Family moment of sing- along.

I finally got my (almost) new vehicle. A 15 passenger Dodge Van. I'd been without wheels for 5 months. Now, no matter how many people are going, I GET TO DRIVE!!! I tossed in my stuff and the kids and drove to Southern Oregon to take my oldest kid to dance camp while we camped next to a swimming pool. It was so hot!

We were gone 5 days for that. When we got home at 2:00 am, our dog was gone, he was there at midnight. My husband hadn't cabled him the entire time we were gone, even though he knows we have a neighbor that kills dogs on sight if they cross his yard. The big question was, would a professing Christian and elder of his church lie to another Christian about killing a family pet? (Yes, he lied) I consider, "You know we have mountain lions around here." a euphamism for, "I killed you dog." the guy was digging a hole with a backhoe the next day.

Spot was an 8 year old Border Collie who was the constant companion of my children. He was obnoxious and neurotic and smelled like chicken poop, but you couldn't find a better watch dog. Nobody came into my yard unannounced and nobody touched my kids. We went to the pound to see if he'd turned up there and met Blossom. Blossom is a 6 year old Border Collie whose young owner was killed in a dirt bike accident. She is calm and obedient and I hope that someday, she will be protective of my family.

The first week-end of August was our Family Reunion and my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had almost 50 people here and it rained! That Friday night, my 2 nephews, 18 and 20, were chased out of town by drunk, rabid redneck tenagers. They were persued at high speeds trying not to be run off the road. The were chased right into my driveway and these drunk teenagers started throwing full unopened beer bottles at us-- women, children and grandmas. Three of us were hit and it didn't slow me down one bit on my way out to see faces. This is when my anger really kicks in. These drunk kids woulda' never gotten out of their truck if Spot had still been here. And no matter how drunk they were, they KNEW there were women and children at ground zero. Anyway, they are all in Juvenile hall and are facing felony assault charges. What a wonderful way to start a family reunion!

My girls didn't get to show horses or take them to fair this summer. The 4-H leader and the farrier are trying to see how many of the 10 Commandments they can break in front of the children. If I wanted my kids to watch that kind of stuff, I'd have cable TV. There's a lot of people being hurt in this world and I do speak out against it. I do not want to watch it or give the appearance of participating or approving in sinful behavior. I am now searching for better activities for my family to improve horsemanship skills.

My busy summer isn't over yet. Next week, I have my FIL and his family coming to visit. It will be his first visit since we moved to our farm and it will be the first time his wife has come to visit. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to meeting her.

The first of September brings the Western State Fair, which I'm sure the kids will insist that I ride the Hurl-a-Whirl and the Puke-o-Matic with them again. Then another family gathering of my Mom's relatives at my house. I haven't seen my cousins since we were kids. I am looking forward to being reaquainted with old friends and allies.

I am so sorry I rambled on so long. I haven't posted, it seems for months, and I won't have a chance to post again for at least another month. I miss all my FREEDOM! friends and I look forward to life slowing down a bit and rejoining this group. I will continue to read when I can, usually at 3:00 am when I can get online.

God's Peace to all of you.

-- Laura (, August 19, 2001


Well Laura, you sure HAVE been busy! Thanks for catching us all up on your activities....and I am glad you defrayed the beer bottle throwing incident. Would have made nice skeet practice, huh?

-- Doreen (, August 20, 2001.

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