Purchase of DV Camera?

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ok, i've gone completely beserk researching a suitable DV camera for my needs? I'm a freelance Promo Producer/ Travelouge Documentary maker/Corporate AV's etc and i want to buy a DV Cam. Except that i have spent close to 100 hours surfing the net and reading a lot of information? i'm overloaded and confused. my parameters are this : a price range of 1500 dollors/ Pal format/Fire wire . I like the XL1 .... since i would be getting the cam from the US through a friend , are there places one could buy second hand and or discounted cameras?

-- Dilip Ram (dilipram@yahoo.com), August 21, 2001


You can maybe get the GL-1, But not the XL-1 for your price range. Biggest diff that I know of is you cannot change lenses. Ebay has a few available from time to time. XL-1's generally go for about $2750. Good Luck Tom

-- Tom Jackson (tjackson@xpost.com), August 31, 2001.

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