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LOS ANGELES -- A Canadian man being treated in a Southern California hospital said Sunday he was attacked by pirates who slashed his throat while sailing in Mexican waters. Bob Medd, 53, said his neck was slit from ear to ear by two unknown men who boarded his 34-foot sailboat in Mexico's Gulf of California during an apparent robbery. "It was all over so fast, in seconds it seemed," he said in a telephone call from San Clemente Hospital. Medd was expected to be released today from the Orange County hospital, where he was being treated for an infection to the 10-inch wound. He was to fly to the Canadian province of Alberta and enter a Calgary hospital for further treatment. Medd, who lived on the boat, had set sail from Victoria, Canada, about a year ago on what was to have been a 10-year expedition. He had planned to winter in the Gulf of California before continuing south and then sailing across the Pacific Ocean. Medd said he was sailing solo about four miles off the Baja California coast late last Monday when a motorboat with two men aboard came alongside. One man asked for water. "I went down below to get them some water and the next thing I know one of them is there and he's holding a knife and my wallet and asking for more dinero," Medd said. The man then attacked Medd, slashing at him with an 8-inch serrated bread knife that was aboard the sailboat. The other man hit Medd in the forehead with a heavy object, knocking the retired barge operator unconscious.

Medd awoke the next morning as his boat, TLC, banged against the rocky shore. Although confused and weak, he grabbed a flashlight, mirror, water, flare gun and blanket and stumbled ashore. A group of octopus fishermen found him on the isolated stretch of beach. They handed him over to a Mexican navy ship. He was taken to a hospital in Santa Rosalia, Mexico, for treatment. Medd's son-in-law drove to Los Angeles and then headed south to pick him up. The two began driving north on Thursday and stopped in San Clemente.

BY ANDREW BRIDGES Associated Press

-- Rich Marsh (, August 21, 2001


Pretty rude awakening. There are various science fiction movies about urban areas under assault by roving bands of thugs. That exact same thing is happening in Paris as someone has posted a story on it. I don't think it takes much imagination to realize the same thing is going to happen as the population continues to explode on this planet and poverty becomes more widespread. And yet the beat goes on as if something or someone will make it all better if we ignore it long enough. I think I want to sell bullet proof vests on the internet - Sounds like a lucrative endeavor for the future.

-- Guy Daley (, August 21, 2001.

Guy, sorry, the field is pretty full already. See as just a few of *many* examples: [good prices and service IMHO]


As regards the survival story, the truth is, attacks on small boats for example in the Caribbean are well known to occur, and some (many) boaters quietly advise not you to go in those waters without firearms and a plan. Obviously, it is difficult to stay safe when alone on a sailboat and you are approached by a motorboat. I must confess the sailor in this story wasn't too smart (not to blame the victim, but still...) and damn lucky to be alive.

-- Andre Weltman (, August 21, 2001.

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