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Calvin feedin, road runnin, house lookin, cousin visit'n and home return'n. Just a few hours of this afternoon and life of the old fat man. Calvin is Lil Dumplins "female" cat, and the road runnin and house lookin was my idy of an investment property. The cousin visit'n is --well---visit'n with my cousin Roy. He's the same one who inheirited "Johnny Roe Hoe" the famous rooster I writ about in the archives of c.s. mag. Got him all "shook up" over his'n neighbor the ex-road commissioner. Not too much involved to accomplish that very easy task. They are at each others throats all the time anyhow, each talkin bad about each other and nobody doin nuthin about it cept mouthin! Rather comical as this has been goin on for probably 20 years. Them visit? Sure! Guess some folks need something to look forward to.

I've been accused of bein a "holy roller" in the distant and not so distant past. Such was the case this mornin. An acquaintance kinda thinks that we Christians ought not to become too involved in the affairs of the world or the status of others souls. I don't care about bein called a "holly roller" as some have spelled it--but I most certainly disagree with the "not gettin involved in the worlds affairs and more importantly the state of ones soul"! "Well, how can you be so vocal about this religion stuff---"! "Do you really believe "the Lord" will come back"? "Well, the "Good Book" says so and so etc". "The Lord helps those that help themselves". "The Man upstairs know me and how crazy I am and HE don't mind---why do you"?

I'm not condemnin them but most of'm haven't the slightest idea of what the "Good Book" says. They don't even call it "Bible" or the "Word" just as they refer to Jesus Christ as "the Lord" or the "Man upstairs". I also think most of their "religion knowledge" comes from gossip, the pool halls and even the taverns. I KNOW--been there and done that! "Poor ole Mack, he drunk hisself todeath but betcha he's havin a ball right now--carrin that beer bottle and walkin on them there gold streets" --lookin down on us an laffin"!

As I've said on more than one occasion--I know what He has saved me from and there ain't nuthin in hell that I would EVER want to go back for! It almost overwhelms me when I think about it--how I have been chosen by HIM to be a representative of the Gospel to the world. I don't have any idea who all is reading these posts of mine, don't have any idey who all have been nudged by the Holy Ghost working through my puter, to return to the Fold! I'll never know on earth just how many have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through something I've posted because of obedience to Him. None of that makes any difference anyhow--just as long as people are being saved and renewing their strength in HIm. Precious souls carrying on the task set before them of witnessing for Him. Hell is a very lonely place. Some of the "toughies" who talk about bein amongst friends in hell and havin their parties down there---I got news for'm. Won't be any time to visit---everybody for himself.

WEll-what started out a simple post has changed completely around but thats ok too. I only post what He impresses upon my heart and for that I will not apologize. "Deny Me before the world and I'll deny you before the Father which is in Heaven"!

Old Hoot Gibson---the FOREVER GRATEFUL --REDEEMED!!! Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, August 21, 2001


I love you, Hoot.

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (, August 21, 2001.

It seems to me that one of the biggest problems with "the world" is that people have become so uninterested in the affairs of it and are just happy to go along and get along and not point out things that are wrong. We are all in different places in our walks and people are given different gifts and different witnessing aspects, but you have to let the Spirit work in you in order to even be a witness, and ole Hoot does that. You sure can quench it.

-- Doreen (, August 22, 2001.


-- JERRY TRAVIS (, August 22, 2001.

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