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Copied from the NYT. Mystery DNA found in soybeans

Andrew Pollack-New York Times

The world's most widely grown genetically engineered crop contains some unexpected DNA next to its inserted gene,casting doubts on the biotechnology industry's assertions its technology is precise and predictable.

The mysterious DNA was found in the Monsanto Co.'s Roundup Ready soybeans by Belgian goverment and university scientists, who described their findings in a paper published Wednesday in the journal European Food REsearch and Technology.

Greenpeace called Wednesday for countries to re-evaluate the regulatory approvals of the soybeans, saying Monsanto did not know as much as it should about its product. The unknown DNA could possibly affect the safety of the beans, the group said.

"I don't think you can come out and say it's unsafe" said Dr. Janet Cotters-Howells, a scientistfor Greenpeace in Britain. "You can just say it's unknown whether it's safe or not."

Mansanto acknowledged the extra DNA was there, but ti said it was confident the soybean was safe and the unknown DNA had no effect on the plant. Dr. Jerry Hjelle, the company's vice-president for regulatory affairs, said the DNA segment had been in the crop since the beginning as it went through testing to prove its safety.

cut out Roundup Ready soybean description

This is the second time scientists have found something in Roundup Ready Soybeans Monsanto did not seem to know was there, and had not cited at the time of the product's approval.

Last year, the Belgian scientists and Monsanto, working independantly, found the soybeans contained not only one complete copy of the bacterial gene, as intended, but two fragments of that gene. Monsanto filed reports with regulators around the world offering data to show that the fragments were not active genes and had no effect on the plant.


Let's see here, they don't know what they put into the product, and its the second time they've found something they put in they didn't know was there. Yet they are completely confident that everything is perfectly safe.

Just like DDT was perfectly safe.

Oh, wait. Monsanto made that, too.

Just like Dioxin is perfectly safe.

Hmm. Same company.

Certainly we can find a positive role model in Agent Orange.

Ooops. Monsanto brought us that, too.

You can trust their judgement all you want to. I don't, won't and never will.

-- StevenB (thicketyrowfarm@aol.com), August 21, 2001


Steven, do you know where a list can be found of all if these mega corps and their subsidiaries? I heard that Monsatan was actually owned by "Big Pharm" or Pharmco and I haven't been able to find this kind of list.

Monsanto is indeed pure evil.

"You can trust their judgement all you want to. I don't, won't and never will." I agree completely.

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), August 22, 2001.

Because of vertical/horizontal integration of the markets, many of us support Monsanto and dont even know it...

Processor:Monsanto Retailer:Kroger Co. Subsidiaries:Fred Meyer
..Quality Food Centers
...Hughes Markets ...Keith Uddenburg
..Ralphs/Food for Less
King Soopers
Jay C Food Stores
Foods Co
Cala Foods/Bell Markets
City Market
Loaf N Jug
Kwik Shop
Quick Stop
Turkey Hill

You have got to get the July/August issue of Small Farm Today for the full report (its a really good issue this time even with out this article). The article is
Report to the National Farmers Union
Consolidation in Food Retailing and Dairy:
Implications for Farmers and Consumers in a Global Food System

-- William in Wi (gnarledmaw@lycos.com), August 22, 2001.

Thank you William. I will boycott those stores.

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), August 22, 2001.

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