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A reply to the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes letter I got several years ago. The head honcho was Robert Treller.

January 1987

Hey Bobby. So glad to hear from you again this week. I thought I'd answer back quickly so our letters wouldn't get crossed in the mail and you would end up worring about this old hillbilly family.

We are all doin just fine since that last snow storm--eventho our power went out for 3 days I think. Purty hard to read by kerosene lamps as our old eyes have gotten used to the newfangled "light bubs".

Ole Rosco, our dog, got hisself kilt up on the big road by a fast drivin semi truck, I guess. Found'm strung from the "dredge ditch" bridge all the way east [about 1/4 mile] to the Little Muddy river bridge on U.S. 50. Well, we picked'm up--in pieces--stings and all--an brought'm home and burried'm. You may not remember old Rosco but I told ya'll about'm awhile back in a reply I sent to your letter. He was a snake hatin old dog--would kill all of'm he came across. Why, he'd even dig'm outta the ditchbank just to kill'm. Ya'll know I told ya'll about'm gettin bit in the eye as a pup, by a big old ugly serpent and it blinded'm. Cost this old hillbilly $42.00 at the vet to get his old blind eyeball took out and sewed up.

We're really chompin at the bit awaiting springtime so we can get ready to build garden. Nothin like fresh maters, green beans, green onions and especially eary June peas!!! Cabbage is fine as is all the other stuff but some things just stick out more than others.

How's your garden plannin comin along? I s'pose in the city it's a mite more difficult to build garden without all the nabors want'n to "borrow" the "fruits of your labors". I s'pose it's also kinda hard to spread manure on the garden spot without nabors gettin a mite upset! Out here in the country it don't matter none. EVERYBODY does it and they can't smell my garden for smellin theirs!

About the latest letter I got from ya'll. Do you fellers really give all that millions and millions of dollars away? I never know'd anybody who got any --and I know probly 200 to 255 people! Rekon those gittin the money must be a rite smart more hard up that we'ns. We don't want for no grub atoll. Plenty a fox squirrel, deers, rabbits, coons and even a old canada goose sometmes. We'ns don't like them ducks tho---they're just too dry.

Well rekon I'll shut up for this time Bobby. Answer back when ya'll want too. We ain't goin nowhere--well--cept'n to town this sat nite-to the free picture show thing.

Tell ya'lls family we said "hi". old hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- hoot gibson (, August 22, 2001


Oh, Hoot! What a Hoot! That was great!

-- Deena in GA (, August 22, 2001.

A short followup. I did send this letter which turned out to be one of several. I was staying in contact with them and continuing on with the rapport. Of course they didn't return the example but did keep sending me those blasted "official entry forms" and hoping I would sign up for magazines. They also sent me a THICK booklet listing all the winners from day one. It was really loaded with winners but problem was most of'm were for $5. or $10. continuing upwards to and including those Millions winners.

The moral of this story--I don't know unless it's to keep on and never give up. What started out as kinda joke escalated into a weekly task as I recall. I don't even know if there is a Robert Treller but "somebody" was reading those letters or I wouldn't've received that book of winners. Maybe somebody reading this post was that "somebody" who was reading my letters to'm way back then. Ironic? Yea--that's reachin a mite--but who knows.

In all my outgoing letters, even it it's the light bill, insurance, phone bill---whatever----there is ALWAYS a Bible Tract or two included. Haven't heard from ole Bobby in quite awhile. As soon as I do---I just mite renew our friendship then HE can receive some Tracts.

Old hoot gibson. Matt. 24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, August 22, 2001.

Hey,that's my uncle!!?????

-- William Treller (, December 16, 2003.

Hey William! Seems I heard a couple years ago, or so, that there 'ai't' no Bobby Treller. Seems that it was just a name used by PCH to make folks think it was really a family thing. Now, if'n there is actual a bobby treller who worked at PCH and got my letters--then---well, rekon I'd just have to send'm some more letters. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- oldhoot (, December 16, 2003.

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