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After completing a service call on an a/c--Wallyworld West was on my way home. The old chevy 4 wheel pull just couldn't pass up that driveway. In we went---to go shopping! After squeezing through those small openings where the farmes dumped their hog feeders---in the middle of the driveway--we proceeded further up towards the top of the little hill where all the "good stuff" is offloaded. Immediately found TWO tool boxes with some tools in'm. Dumped the tools etc into the best box and unloaded the other. Whilst unloadin it a BIG Bosch router just seemed to jump out in my hands. With that all loaded up the shopping spree continued! Numerous gadgets, thing-a-ma-jigs were closely examined and most discarded. I found an electric cloths dryer that had a good electrical cord on it. While removing the connecting nuts I noticed that it had been wired up wrong. NO wonder it didn't work! Discarded because two wires were on the wrong temninal. Oh well, I didn't need another dryer so just left it lay. Looked at some lawnmowers, their wheels, engines and frames. Decided I didn't need any of that junk--had some of my own I'd already delivered there earlier this summer. In fact some I looked at just could've been them--or old Jeeps! I'm gettin very selective on what junk I drag home anymore. It's gotta be "premium" junk or it can't come home with me. I do provide a quality home for things selected for this "honor". I keep all my stuff and treat it as I would something very valuable ---like-well, visit'n junk! Shed'd from the elements, prying eyes of thiev'n neighbors and even "passer bys" justy tryin to get a peek of all my "valuable stuff".

Well anyhow--after most gettin stuck in a HUGE mudhole---we went to Ole Jeeps house and show'd'm all I'd brought home. Left him the toolbocks. Home sweet home after that. Polish Sausage cooked [burned] on the BBQ grill for supper along with peas,carrots, onions and taters. That looked incomplete so dumped in a can of corn and some butter. Not to bad a supper for an old country boy turned old fat man!

Lil Dumplin will be home tonite and suppose it's back to eatin like a human again. She don't seem to understand why I eat like I do. I'm too lazy to cook in this heat!

Wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, floods, droughs, signs in the sky, famines, uncontrollable diseases, pestialnces in divers [diverse] places. And people wonder what is going on! The Word tells all about it--Daniel and Revelation. Get your bags packed--Jesus is fix'n to come back at anytime. The cornerstone of the Temple is ready to be laid. The New World Order is almost a reality and the great revival of the latter days has already begun. Look up--your redemption draweth nigh! old hoot-lookin for Jesus- gibson. Matt.24:44

-- hoot gibson (, August 24, 2001

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