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I just stardted looking a Glasser as a therpist. I am new to psychology, but have been challenged by my professor to find ideas on personality types. If anyone has any ideas on Glasser's view on personality I would appreciate the help

-- Jody Huerta (, August 25, 2001


In 1994 at the International Reality Therapy convention in Dublin,Ireland [Audio tape probably still available] Glaser propounded his early thinking on personality. He has long held that everybody shares five basic needs: Survival,Love,Power,Freedom and Fun,but he now argues that it is each persons unique intensity of needs that form the individual personality.He applies his thinking in this area particulary to marriage and this is seen clearest in his book "Getting together and staying together", chapter nine of which is entitled;"The genetic Core of our Personality:the strength of our needs".

-- ken lyons (, August 27, 2001.

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