Fall Rains and other ramblins from old hoot. [Preachin]

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The rains moved into this area yesterday. After a most dry August I've seen in a spell, we finally have some relief. Cooler temps too, although the humidity is real high, of course. Not to worry -the hogs east of our home are kinda like a "perfume" on those "air heavy days" and we have to run the a/c. I also "feel" the change of seasons in the air as we move closer to fall. I think fall is my most favorite season. Spring is real nice but there's something about the coolness and stillness of fall. Flowers starting to put forth all the blossems they can while producing all the seeds they can just to carry on the species. The kinda bad thing about fall, if there is any bad thing, is the weeds will seed out more quickly than all summer long it seems! The old Troy Bilt mower needs tuned up and I'm tryin to outwait it! Wintertime will bring much more opportunity to do that dreaded task.

Starting to get things straightened out for the coming cold weather but I'm not workin at any breakneck speeds to get those tasks accomplished. Still plenty of real nice days left before those cold blasts enter our premises.

STill lookin for the small steam engine. Ole Jeep found my old boiler I had years ago. In a brushpile [ don't have any idea how it got there] and we'll retrieve it as soon as the bean crop is harvested.

I've been "workin out" on my weight machine and can already notice some differences. After the heart thing, I didn't feel like doin this but things have changed within the last month or so. Besides all the muscle that turned to flab---I just feel better now. Now my old flabby arms and chest ain't quite as flabby anymore. Oh well---continue on until -------?

Gasoline had gone crazy here lately and rekon it's because of the upcoming holidays. Gotta rip the public all they can. They're gonna take all that money with'm? Naw--don't think so!

What have ya'll done to prepare for the upcoming cold weather?

What have ya'll done to prepare for the upcoming ETERNITY? Old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (hoot@pcinetwork.com), August 25, 2001

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