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i currently have Logo's Intermediate. Recently bought the video's for instruction since i'm tired of trying to get searches to work appropriate (wild cards seemed flakely to me) and learn some of the more powerful uses of the program.

now i see Logo's has a new release. Before i sink (again) hundreds of dollars into the this the best buy?

i'm not interested in a bunch of ebooks in various subjects.....i'm mostly wanting resource tools. stuff i can use to look up a verse, view various translations, view original language, do searches in original language, read strongs/vines/etc, and maybe a good commentary or two.....and dictionary, of course.

i can get the 'scholar' package (their biggie) as upgrade for $379....which includes gobs of books and new engine/interface.

i'm not familiar w/the other bible software packages at all.

any advice?

ps. is there a market for used software products anywhere where i might recoup some of my cost for Intermediate and videos?

-- krista rittenour (, August 27, 2001


Krista, it sounds as if you, like me, wish you had bought BibleWorks instead. Logos is a good system, has a good product, but is not as good for working in original languages as BibleWorks. I decided to stick it out a while longer with Logos though and get the upgrade to X, but only the engines, add-ins and books. The price for that much was reasonable. Henry

-- Henry Sturcke (, August 30, 2001.

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