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Can anybody pls tell me what I should expect in a carpenters apprentice test? What I should study and what kind of problems I should be ready for? How many questions are in a test? It's been a long time since high school and I haven't done any math for a long time. I'm really nervouse about this carpenters apprentice test probably cuz I really want to be a carpenter and Im afraid of failing.

Pls email me soon. thanks

-- Marlon Calma (, August 30, 2001


The first test is a math test. Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide. Fractions, decimals, feet and inch problems may be encountered. You have already passed because you really want to be a carpenter! So what if you fail the first time? Your sincere desire to persist and excell will take you further than any single test. By all means study and prepare because math skills are needed in any trade. If need be take a refresher course or exploit your local library for trade math books. Subsequent testing will be for aptitude and writing skills. Again, if you want it bad enough you'll go the distance, study and prepare. Best of luck to you and by all means let me know how you do. Hope to meet you on a job soon! Regards, Rocky (By the way if you need further help, I'll tutor you, call me at the Regional Council office.)

-- John Rockefeller (, September 07, 2001.

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