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Hello everybody. I've been lurking for a while, you might remember me from cs. Does anyone else feel uneasy about getting a permit to buy a gun? I wouldn't have thought twice about it a few years ago. My family is thinking about a private purchase instead. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this.

-- Lena (, August 30, 2001


Private ok if you can find what YOU want....But darn it shouldn't the numbers / stats. of folks doing the permit thing, say something to those**********yay hoos......probably not......At least the NRA will have the numbers

-- Jim-mi (, August 30, 2001.

Private ONLY. Unless you are buying one that you would just as soon hand over, like your 40th 22 or something. Even if you spend more, no papers is worth it.

The NRA is just another money grubbing corporation with a nice little list of all the radicals who insist on the Second Amendment being an integral part of the Constitution. Which they will hand over or have already handed over. GOA is okay, NRA stinks. They supported the CARA bill, of all things, they compromised our rights away for years and we all just put our faith in the NRA, and they dropped the ball~on purpose~....grrrrrr. Don't ask me how I really feel;}.

-- :uno: (notellin', August 30, 2001.

I got my used police revolver for a reasonable price from a private party at a gun show. Cash. No papers.

-- They would like to know (, August 31, 2001.

Well it kind of depends on what kind of gun you are planning on buying. It is really easy to get taken if you don't know what to look for. If you are buying a fairly expensive gun it would be worth it to talk to a gunsmith and maybe have him take a look at it 'off the books' to see if there is anything wrong with it.....might be a small fee for this. Get a referral from you local gunsmith/gunshop if you can. With the new regulations on the federal firearm license lots of small dealers decided not to renew their licenses.....ought to be able to find them pretty easy and they usually have a gun or two they might part with. I would strongly advise against purchasing a gun at a gunshow if you don't have a bit of expertise with guns. If you are purchasing a pistol they will still do the background and licensing thing at a gunshow anyhow.

-- Amanda in Mo (, August 31, 2001.

I would not get a permit. I'd buy from an individual and ask the individual for a demonstration and a chance to shoot the gun myself. Most folks have someplace they can go to shoot off a few rounds without any real difficulty.

-- Longshot (, August 31, 2001.

I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself. 'nuf said? God bless.

-- lesley (, August 31, 2001.

Hmmm no easy answer. Permits are a drag. If purchasing "privately" make sure it's a trusted "private" individual. My personal belief is that permits are "wrong" "evil" just another way to keep tabs on us.

But really. :o)

NRA = New Republic A**holes!!!!! Yep they sold us out 18 times so far. I cancelled my subscription and will not support them again. GOA is a slightly better organization but even they roll over when the anti-gunners fire the big guns. (pun intended)

Hmmm this gives me an idea for a new thread. See ya soon.

-- Kenneth in N.C. (, August 31, 2001.

Thanks for the advice.

-- Lena (, August 31, 2001.

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