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I would like to shoot at 16x9 but as far as I know iMovie does not support that. Is there some plug-in or something that will let me do that

-- Free Reyes (, August 30, 2001


iMovie cannot do anamorphic video.

FinalCut Pro, however, does. And swimmingly.

-- Emory Lundberg (, October 21, 2001.

16x9 on iMovie

you can but there are some steps to it.

1. Put your video together 2. Create a 720x480 JPEG picture using a photo application 3. Open Quicktime 5 import your 720x480 picture and save as a movie ( For future use) Then under Edit menu COPY. 4. Open your home movie with Quicktime 5, under Edit menu SELLECT ALL then ADD SCALED. <<< Your movie should now be all black>>> 5. Under EDIT menu Extract Tracks (Sellect Video 2) <<< You now have a black 720x480 movie the length of your home video, save it>>> 6. Go back to your home video window and close it. (Don't save) 7. Reopen your home video ( it should be back to normal)SELLECT ALL and COPY. 8. In the new black 720x480 movie SELLECT ALL and ADD SCALED save as (reference or self contained movie) <<>> 9. After ADD SCALED you might have to resize video 2 if it is not 720.

Hope this gives you some idea on doing it. Its realy easy its just harder to explain.

Good Luck

-- Paulino Machado (, April 12, 2002.

16x9 on iMovie

I forgot on the first post. After adding the 720x480 background, If you want to use it in iMovie you have to EXPORT to DV STREAM. and place it in your iMovie project folder.

Good Luck

-- Paulino Machado (, April 12, 2002.

iMovie will edit in 16:9 but only with cuts. If you try to do other transitions like dissolves etc it will output those segments in 4:3.

-- Chris Murray (, July 22, 2002.

Virtix Media( has an iMovie 16x9 widescreen coverter that converts anamorphic widescreen video to 4x3 letterboxed video. I have it and it has amazingly clear results. Hope this helps.

-- Kevin Duckett (, November 25, 2002.

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