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The smoke from my wood cookstove drew us home from Ohio-late thursday evenin. A very tiring trip but it had to be took, I guess. LIl Dumplin had a day of larn'n for new Gov't regulations in her job stuff.

I done a bunch of settin, restin, snoozin, drink'n [ not booze-outgrow'd that about 40 years ago] lookin around, watchin birds try to eat Mc Donalds fries and all kinds of other stuff that didn't require me movin very much. Witnessed something rather comical--well, I thought it was! An employee of Mc's goin home in the evenin and carryin his coffee thermos AND his little cooler. The thought struck me that even HE couldn't stand their grub!!!! Made me feel like I had company!

Stayed in a local motel and boy, was it a dump! Run by a llittle ole man who thought it was heaven, I guess! Water was shut off before checkout time without warning. Glad I didn't have a big ole head of shampoo on at the time! The stool was like a roller coaster. Not too sure if it had ANY bolts hold'n it down. We also had an un-invited guest to co-habitate with us the night. Mr Cricket was very sneeky but was not vocal any. Had to watch out for'm to keep from puttin a big size 14 shoe on'm. He'd been experienced before tho---he could really run!

It's sure good to be home again. The smell of fall is in the air, propane tank needs fill'n, grass needs cut, more trees need set out in my front yard, shop needs cleaned out, scrap iron needs to be at Wallyworld West and preparations for winter need to be commenced shortly. I guess that can all wait a mite. Told Lil Dumplin I wasn't gonna do much this weekend! She said "why is it any different than any other weekend for you--you don't do anything any weekend"! Told'r it was labor day and us labor's needed some sympathy! That flew like a rock!

Everybody enjoy the holiday, don't overdo but just kinda take it easy a mite. We old hairy legged menfolk "labor's" need to stick together a little. We DO have a reputation to preserve whilst talkin to our own Life's Partners, you know!

When was the last time you visited with the Father? He's awaiting your call. ole hoot gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (hoot@pcinetwork.com), September 01, 2001


Hoot, That little cooler may have been full of goodies to take home. Our son worked at a McDonald's when he was going to vo-tech and lived on leftovers. He got tired of the food. but it helped him to live cheap.

-- Barbara Fischer (bfischer42@hotmail.com), September 03, 2001.

Grandpa Hoot, you were in the next state over from us, and didn't come to visit?!? Well maybe next time. Hmmm, Lil Dumplin might be trying to tell you something! You aren't getting lazy are you? Naw, I don't believe it. Maybe Lil Dumplin is snoozing too much and doesn't see you busy! God bless.

-- Michael W. Smith in North-West Pennsylvania (kirklbb@penn.com), September 03, 2001.

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