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Several of the kids in the barn have snotty noses, and fair time is coming up. What can be done to dry the noses up, and what is the cause of this? It seems to happen every summer.

-- Rebekah (, September 02, 2001


Is your weather changing suddenly? I have only had one goat with a snotty nose and I gave her probios and ID 1 and the next day she was clear. She also had a "off" look to her, although she didn't have a fever. Good luck!

-- Doreen (, September 02, 2001.

I've been wondering the same thing; got a couple of snotty nosed goats myself. What's the dosage on Probios? I've never used it before. Thanks.

-- mary (, September 03, 2001.

I give a 5 gram dose for full growns and a tic less on youngsters. There is a turning adjustment like on many paste wormers and I use a single turn. You give it to them in the side of the mouth and they always make a big fuss about it so if you end up spreading some of it on the muzzle don't be surprised. They'll lick it off! I should do endorsements for tthe stuff. It's a real help!

-- Doren (, September 03, 2001.

I use the powdered probios, and it doesn't seem to make a big difference. But maybe it's because they are generally healthy animals to begin with, except for the recurring coccidia problems which we have every year. That and the runny noses! We sometimes have a couple does with runny noses during the winter, but it seems like there are more during the summer.

-- Rebekah (, September 03, 2001.

Thanks, ladies. I have some paste Probios on order from Caprine Supply I expect to get later this week. I'm gonna give it a try.

-- mary (, September 03, 2001.

I have used for several years now, "Vet Rx" for sheep and goats. If it is simply a running nose and not an all out illness, this works wonderfully! This is an all natural product, having camphor oil, eucalyptus oil, thyme oil and other stuff in a corn oil base. The goats and sheep love it! They will beg for more! And it really, really works!! I just returned from the fair, and I used this on the Large Ram that won Grand Reserve, and I also used it on the hooves of the goats to shine the hooves. You can get this at the feed store or in Jeffers or Caprine. Good luck at the fair! In His Grace, Sissy

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (, September 04, 2001.

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