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He sure was an ugly little brute--fur all messy and gommy. He was runnin down our gravel road at breakneck speed--about 5 mph! Lookin over his shoulder at us while he scurried along towards his destination. His destination? Why the culvert across the road, thats what! Acted like he was gonna get kilt by my old Chev pick up, he did. What he didn't know was---I wouldn't rund'm over atoll. Makes for squishy "stuff" on my wheels that'll stink later on. Besides all that I thought it was really funny watchin'm runnin.

Well anyhow-he made the "tin horn" and quickly got inside. I just had to laugh at'm. He did throw up dirt,dust and some gravels whilst rund'n down the road. Spose he's et his weight in my soybeans this summer at least a dozen times, but he must be wormy. All that fancy high protein grub sure didn't make much difference on'm apparently. Rite skinny he was and with all that ugly, filthy fur to boot. I kept his mommy in grub for about 4 years and now s'pose it'll be the generation thing with him too! His mommy died awhile back by some unknown enemy and laid on the road, in front of her den and was grub for the buzzards. This little ugly dude was just west of his old homeplace when runnin down the road. Rekon he's moved into the old homeplace to carry on the family tradition.

Lil Dumplin and the old hillbilly went for a little "look see" in the bottoms before she left for work at noon. Found yet another place where loggin is takin place. Nuff wasted timer there to heat a dozen houses all winter long, I'm sure. Not much chance of gettin any of it though. Most of the waste logs are run through a "chipper" and sold for use in the manufacture of wood products like chipboard and particle board. Can't blame'm for makin all the cash they can with those waste products.

Ya'll have heard the old say'n ---"Hotter than the hubs of hell"! It does sound kinda comical but in all reality --it ain't! Hell was made for satan and his follows orginally. Mans rebellion and dis-obedience to Almighty God has earned them a ticket there too. Spending eternity in hell with satan is beyond comprehension to my old feeble brain. I'm also too much of a COWARD to go there--SO I WON'T! I'm always amazed, altho I shouldn't be, at the way hollyweird can distort the TRUTH and make Christians seem to be weaklings with a little milk toast Saviour. While pumpin up satan and his band of losers, they attempt to paint the rosey picture of self gratification should be number one priority in our lives here. I guess whatever turns their crank but for me and my house we will serve the Lord. I will continue to tell everybody that will listen that "hell is for losers". Almighty God didn't make any losers! Well again as usual I kinda got sidetracted a mite but thats ok. I just had to mention the "hell" stuff incase somebody reading this is headed that way and doesn't really want to go. Jesus Christ CAN and WILL change that for you. All you gotta do is "ASK"! Old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 03, 2001


For $2 last year when we moved into our new home, I bought a silver plaque which we hung over our front door. It says "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15..whenever we come into the house, it reminds us to conduct our lives in His service. For all of our company, it reminds them of who we are and what we are about...not that we always manage to actually DO things God's way, but that we sure try to. Love your messages Hoot, and I too hate to see all those wonderful trees cut down for particle board unless the company plants more to replace them! God bless.

-- lesley (, September 03, 2001.

here is something related to fur

مسئلة الكشمير كشمير جهاد الجهاد

-- Your Full Name (, April 15, 2003.

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