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Seeking the names of the parents of RICHARD D. RUSSELL, who was born in 1827, at Stanly Co., NC and was married in 1862 at Atkin Co., NC to Nicie Anna (surname unknown) by Rev. Tommie Howell. He served with Company B, 38th NC Regiment in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865. He had one known brother named AARON J. RUSSELL born in 1843 in North Carolina. Thank you for your help.

-- Brenda Reed (, September 05, 2001


Dear Brenda: My name is Todd Russell, a decendant of an "Aaron Russell" who was born about 1770. Is it a coincidence? or may it be that the Aaron J. Russell, you mentioned, born in 1843 is a descendent (possibly a nephew or cousin of the one born in 1770? I am sending you the information I obtained from my uncle, James Russell before he died. He enjoyed tracing our family tree. My Father was Billy Russell and Aaron Russell would be my Great, Great, Great, Great grandfather! Maybe this will provide a little piece to the puzzle. Are you searching your family tree?

Russell Family History

Aaron Russell – born: about 1770 – died: before August, 1844 Spouse: Lisza (surname unknown) born between: 1760-1770 – died between 1844 – 1850 Their Children: 1) Dargon 2) Levi 3) Jarrott 4) Eli H. 5) Asa 6) George W. 7) Noah J.

(Information on Aaron Russell and family taken from Stanly County, N.C. Deed Book number 1, page 30 on file in the Stanly County Court House, Albemarle, N.C. This recorded information contained Aaron Russell's will dated September 30, 1842 and probated August, 1844. The will provide a tax listing for Aaron Russell’s estate of 100 acres locate at Mountain Creek.)

Eli H. Russell – born about: 1804 – died before August 14, 1854 Spouse: (married about 1825) Elizabeth – born about 1811 (Montgomery Co., N.C.) – died: before October 21, 1861 Their Children: 1) Alexander 2) Henry 3) Caroline 4) Isaiah 5) Tempy 6) Mary Elizabeth 7) Gabriel 8) Mariha Catherine 9) William J.

Isaiah Russell – born February 18, 1835 – Died: August 30, 1902 Spouse: (married April 12, 1857) Demaris Palmer – born October 15, 1834 – died March 2, 1890 Their Children: 1) Lucy 2) Mary Ann 3) Sarah 4) John Eli 5) Julia 6) Elmond L. 7) Walter G. 8) Norah Jane

(Isaiah and Demaris Palmer Russell were married by J.B. Simpson, Justice of the Peace, Stanly County, N.C. Both were buried in the Thompson Cemetery. Information on the Isaiah Russell family taken from the Stanly County Deed Book number 28, page 358 on file in the Stanly County Court House, Albemarle, N.C.)

John Eli Russell – born: August 14, 1866 – died: January 12, 1892 Spouse: (Married September 20, 1888) Eliza Frone Marbry – born: August 28, 1866 – died: June 16, 1899 Their Children: 1) Roe Shellie 2) Lillie Mae

(John Eli and Eliza Frone Marbry Russell were married by the Rev. L.A. Whitlock. Both were buried in the Thompson Cemetery.)

Roe Shellie Russell – born: June 24, 1889 – died July 25, 1962 Spouse: (Married July 10, 1910) Pattie Caudle – born: July 30, 1889 – died: August 19, 1966 Their Children: 1) John Gaddy 2) Mabel Gladys 3) Ethel 4) Robert Willie 5) James Offie 6) Paul 7) Carl Lawson 8) Billy Ray

(Roe Shellie and Pattie Caudle Russell were married by the Rev. G.A. Hunneycutt. Both were buried in the Fairview Cemetery, Albemarle, N.C.)

Good luck with your research. I would like to hear from you. My email is

Todd Russell

-- Todd M. Russell (, January 05, 2002.

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