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the foundation for our new addition to the house we're renovating.I think I said that right. They'll put a new roof and siding on soon. Gary's continuing to build new walls in every room. Our goal is to move by the end of this month, so he'll have to make sure the shower is done by then. We won't have kitchen cabinets til Dec. unless we go with a different cabinet maker. Gary's not going t do those, don't know why, he just wants to have them done, probably cause, he's exhausted, doing all this, plus his job, plus a bad back. It'll be easier once we're there and less stress. It'll go a lot quicker, too and we won't have to pay rent and mortgage, and utilities at two places.

We've also moved most of the outside/loft/workshop/garden stuff to the barn. As soon as Gary gets the floor finished in one of the attics, we can move inside stuff. He's got most of the wiring finished in that part of the house. The ceilings that needed to be torn out are, except in the bathroom, but it'll probably crumble.

We're bartering for some of the help, so far a guitar and chickens, and are calling for volunteers to help move, got lots of hommed canned stuff.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, September 05, 2001


Cindy, I wish I were able to help you move because I would if I could but with my bad back I couldn't even move myself! Glad everything is going well. I know you are anxious to get moved. It will be such a good feeling when you get all settled in. Don't forget to smell the roses! May God bless you and Gary.

-- Barb (, September 05, 2001.

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