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the Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

After links to the so-called (short) Jewish/Protestant canon of Old Testament books and to the full New Testament canon, this page has a section of links labeled "Apochrypha."
This final section contains links to the seven inspired "deuterocanonical" books that must be present in a Catholic bible, as well as links to some non-inspired books that Catholics consider the real apochrypha.
The "deuterocanonical" books are Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon, Judith, Tobit, Baruch, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees. Also part of a Catholic bible are the following segments wrongly classified as "apochrypha" at this site: "Susanna" / "Bel and the Dragon" / "The Prayer of Azariah and the Song of the Three Jews" (which are parts of the book of Daniel) and "Additions to the Book of Esther"

Note 1: You can choose to bring up independent, side-by-side windows showing the RSV and the King James Version.
Note 2: There are search engines available for both the RSV and KJV windows.
Caution: The RSV search has an unfortunate feature, because the Bible text sometimes contains punctuation to help a person pronounce proper names (places, people) of more than one syllable. So, in order to get "hits" on multisyllabic proper names, you should search twice -- once on the full spelling (e.g. Mesopotamia) and once with an apostrophe after the accented syllable (Mesopota'mia). The folks who prepared the text further complicated things by inserting a hyphen in some rare proper names in which consecutive vowels are to be pronounced separately (e.g., The-o'philus). You would not get a "hit" on "Theophilus" nor on "Theoph'ilus", since the hyphen is required too!

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