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Is there a special fire wire i need for the mac g3 blue and white?the input on my camera is small and the port n the back is weird looking? and how do I get audio into my videos to make a soundtrack on the computer?and but i still want to be able to hear the persons voic

-- Justic flesher (, September 05, 2001


The standard firewire cables have two different connectors, one for the camera, and one for the computer, you just need to pick one up at a computer store. As far as the audio, your video software needs to support additional audio tracks. If it does, simply record the audio onto your mini DV cassette, and capture it via firewire into the computer.

-- David Shelleny (, November 01, 2001.

If u have a sound card, u can record audio very simply. if u are recording from a tape, use a walkman. connect cable from heaphones jack to the line in of the sound card. u can record with any wav editor software. If u are trying to get it from a cd, most of the wav editors can import cd format to wav.

In order to use this recorded audio into your film, u'll need multi- audio track editing capability in your editing software.

Hope this helps.

-- Nachiket Desai (, November 05, 2001.

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