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We are very dumb farmers. However, We had a cow bred and now she is riding another one after its been 2 months. Is this normal? Or does this mean it didn't take. Thanks for the help. Carol

-- Carol Ball (, September 05, 2001


Have your vet come , he can do an internal and see if she is bred.

-- Patty {NY State} (, September 05, 2001.

Like Patty says, only the vet can tell you at this early a stage. However, the cow being ridden is the one more likely in heat. If the one you are concerned about allows another cow to mount her and stands, i.e., Standing Heat, then you could be reasonably sure she's come into heat again and she should be bred again. If she is just the one doing the riding and you don't see her being mounted, then she's probably just participating in the other cow's heat. Cows are party girls at heart. :)

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (, September 05, 2001.

Yup, if she is standing still while other cows ride her, she is in all likelihood heat. I have a heifer who just won't settle, and it doesn't seem to be on a regular cycle. Every so often the above happens and she will walk the fence. She'll follow me to the gate, I'll let her out with the herd where the bulls are at and then will find her waiting at the gate the next morning smoking a cigarette. But then, maybe she is bred and has just learned how to go out and play with the boys occasionally.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, September 07, 2001.

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