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He was a small, old man all bent over with age and hard work. Never married but that never seemed to bother'm very much. Smoked his old cob pipe and done chores for neighboring farmers and farm families, he kept himself supplied wiht all the necessities of life. Made enough to sustain himself and his chickens. Enough to buy tobacco and chicken feed. He also sold eggs to help out too. Seems the old man had plenty and wanted for nothing. Quiet and with very little small talk--he was purty well all business. Given not to too much gossip-because it was "unproductive" and "self serving". We could all take lessons from that old dude.

He was a "crack" well digger before he got so crippled up, bent over with old age, hard work and arthritis. He didn't seem to be bothered at all with goin down inside and old well to clean it out either. A ladder, short handled shovel, a rope and a bucke was all he needed.

One little trick the old dude knew about and used on a well---to open up those water veins. Take a "crawdad", tie a string on'm and lett'm down in the waterwell. Those dudes would seek out the waterveins and open'm up. The string had to be secured real well or those things would get loose and then you had them to contend with---in your water well! REally hard to get out then!

I'd writen about'm before in the cs archives. Sam Runyon was his name. Very well thought of by about everybody that knew him although he was taken advantage of by some folks. Work'm for very little cash and then pay'm in goods that he didn't really need. Seems those that took advantage of'm that way always were those with plenty of money and just stingey.

Granger Twist was his tobacco of choice. Chawin bakker--he would retrieve a little bit from his back right bib overall pocket, grind it up in his hand and dump it into his old cob pipe!

He's been dead for several years but certainly not forgotten.

What will others say about you after you're gone into eternity? Will you leave a good name? How about Eternity? Where will you spend it? The time is short before His return. He could come for His church today OR He could call for your soul in death. Same result--we're done here on earth. Prepare to meet Him. Old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 06, 2001

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