Hey to all - and a question about available land

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Hey everybody! Sorry I've been gone so long... Been working 7 days a week till they can find a replacement and get me back on regular hours.

It looks like the hubby is going to take a job back in IL... almost one year to the date we left there for here...

Anyway, if any of you know about a place in Will, Lake, DuPage or McHenry counties that is available for a lease-option, or is for sale with low down or owner financing, please let me know. I'm tired of renting, and want to GET ON WITH IT!!!!! We're looking for 2 - 10 acres - with a house or trailer.

Caretaker positions are fine, but I'd like to have a garden and already own three dogs, so I figure that would be hard to come by.

Any and all help is appreciated!!


-- Sue Diederich (willow666@rocketmail.com), September 10, 2001


Hey Sue!!! I have been wondering about you and thought maybe your puter took a dive or something. Nice to hear from you! Sorry I don't know of any land possibilities in the area you are looking in, but I will ask my sis who lives kind off around there if she can keep her ears open for you.

-- (bisquit@here.com), September 10, 2001.

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