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I have just purchased the Sony DCR-TRV30E PAL MiniDV camcorder and I am experiencing an 'interesting' problem when using the Premiere 6 running on Windows 2000. After capturing a short movie from the camcorder(through 1394) I export the movie to Microsoft AVI format using MPEG or other compressors. The result is very 'strange' when viewing the resulting file with MS Media player, all the moving objects in the movie are partially shifted right/left on the even/odd lines. This happens on each frame and looks like some kind of 'interlacing' problem.

When I export the same movie to Microsoft DV AVI format and afterwards view it, the actual frame size is less then the original 720*576 size by approximately 0.6 ratio. But the 'interlacing' problem described above disappears.


-- Israel Shapiro (, September 10, 2001


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-- avihai meshulam (, January 01, 2002.

When you capture a image movie, each of the 25 frames have 2 fields (interlace mode). If you view 1 frame at full resolution, you are viewing two fields at the same time, and you can see how the objects is moving along this time (20 mS). If you view the frame at mid resolution, you are eliminated one of the two fields and don't see this effect (you are viewing only the odd or even field).

-- DFI (, February 18, 2002.

I have no answer but need you kind of assitance on our problem, We're using the same Sony model as you DCR-TRV30E and using Premiere 6.0 either, The problem we have is on the Device Model.... We can't find it! Please advice where can we get it

Thanks Sat Fenecher

-- Sathaporn Fenecher (, August 08, 2003.

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