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I'm creating a geneology and hm having a difficult time finding where either of these two men went to school, or who they're mentors were. If anyone knows, they'd help keep a students nervous breakdown at bay for another week. Thanks

-- anthony (, September 13, 2001


Herbert Sidney Langfeld's dates were 1879-1958. He was a graduate student of Carl Stumpf's at Berlin (see Boring's history text, 1929, p. 371). He taught at Harvard for a time (supervising the Ph.D. of Floyd Allport), but moved to Princeton in 1924. He was President of the APA in 1930, and was editor of Psychological Review.

-- Christopher Green (, September 13, 2001.

re: Harlod Schlosberg

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For a 1 page bio (which also cites obituaries and tributes in Psych Rep, Am J Psychol, New York Times, and Who Was Who in America) on Harold Schlosberg (3 jan 1904 - 5 Aug 1964), see: Zusne, Leonard. _Biographical Dictionary of Psychology_. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1984, p. 384. The entry notes that Schlosberg got his PhD in psychology from Princeton University in 1928. _Dissertation Abstracts_ cites this (_A Study of the Conditioned Patellar Reflex_).

The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project Index cites his grave marker in the Swan Point Cemetary, Providence, RI.

For more information, contact Brown University Archives for their biographical file on him: 401-863-2146 (phone);

-- Russell A. Johnson (rjohnson@LIBRARY.UCLA.EDU), September 13, 2001.

Zusne's Biographical Dictionary of Psychology gives Schlosberg's dates as January 3, 1904 - August 5, 1964. His doctoral degree was earned at Princeton in 1928. Zusne lists some other biographical references, all dated 1964 or 1965, so they were probably obituaries.

Herbert Langfeld is also covered in Zusne. His dates were July 24, 1879 to February 25, 1958, and his degree was from the University of Berlin (1909), where he studied under Carl Stumpf. Again, there are some references to obituaries at the end of Zusne's article.

-- Warren Street (, September 24, 2001.

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