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Has anyone heard from Cathy??? Say Cathy, if you're out there say "BOO"!!!.......... Please?

-- Doreen (, September 14, 2001


BOO!! Hey Doreen, I'm here, and doing as well as can be expected. I'm a couple of hours from the city, and as frieked out about this as you. I've been reading everyone's thoughts and trying to take it all in, and make some sense out of it?!?! I am not very good expressing myself, but I will say this; this is kinda how I felt when my Mom died suddenly, several years ago. I knew nothing would ever be the same, but that somehow I had to pull myself together and function. As far as I know, I had no friends in the city on Tuesday. Many of my friends here, and co-workers, and our customers, lost friends and family. People here often drive to NY for a meal, or a show. I've been in the WTC many times.

I'm learning a lot from the things you are posting. I now understand that even when I get to my own little word in MO, outside threats will exist. We can't get away from the insanity. Thanks for asking about me. I love you guys.

-- Cathy in NY (, September 14, 2001.


Thanks for checking in..I was worried about you as I really have no idea where you are in relation to the horror. I spoke with another friend in NY who lost five people and his partner's brother is still unaccounted for, since he worked on the top floors it is likely he won't be found.

I know I am in grief. Not just for the folks who died, but for the country as well.It's overwhelming. Everything is completely up in the air and although I have work to do, I don't know if the events I am printing for will even occur. It's a weird place we are in emotionally. The whole nation is in various stages of grief. It's not really possible to make sense of this, but I think we are all trying.

-- Doreen (, September 14, 2001.

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