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Europeans getting edgy over war mania

European leaders have sought to quell any moves toward warmongering after the terrorist attacks. George Bush has repeatedly used the word war in describing the situation created by the attacks.

Remarks have suggested growing concern that retaliation should not plunge the West into a full-blown crisis. French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin reiterated the need for an "implacable and long fight against terrorism". However, he also said: "We are not at war against Islam or the Arab-Muslim world."

Belgian foreign minister Louis Michel said the EU is on watch and mobilised but added: "We are not at war." German defence minister Rudolf Scharping urged a measured response and warned against war hysteria.

Some officials of Germany's Green Party, a member of the governing coalition, and some members of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's Social Democratic Party have also expressed concern about war hysteria.

Story filed: 14:19 Friday 14th September 2001

-- Swissrose (, September 14, 2001

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