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In a statement released through the Taliban's ambassador in Pakistan, Omar condemned the attacks and said it was impossible for bin Laden, who has long been harbored in the central Asian nation, to have been behind them.

Omar also said that if the United States acts without evidence it is committing terrorism itself.

In the statement, Omar said that there are no planes in Afghanistan, no places to train pilots, and bin Laden has not had the kind of communication that would have been required to plan the attacks.

He says the Taliban have isolated bin Laden and have taken away his fax machine, satellite phone, cell phone, computers and his Internet access.

Taliban officials have said that if the United States did have evidence against bin Laden, he would be tried before an Islamic court in Afghanistan.

The Taliban gave sanctuary to the millionaire Saudi dissident in 1996, mainly, they say, because of his role in war efforts that led to the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan after 10 years of occupation.

-- (, September 14, 2001



-- Sam (, September 14, 2001.

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