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While drivin down some old gravel roads --it's best to kinda keep an eye open for "goodies". I do, ole jeep do and all the rest of us old hillbillys do. I don't know how many old jeep has but it numbers into the double figures. I think about 30 some. Uses? You bet--and they are all free! Thrown away by self employed "dopies" and retreived by folks that have a use for'm. ON the farm there are ALWAYS a uses for'm.

In order to "hide" their occupation these long legged dummies [ some shortlegged too ] deposit their evidence alongside the little country gravel roads that are not frequented very often cept'n by old hicks like me and old jeep. I had severl myself and got tired of trippin over'm and hauled'm off. I'd also heerd that if ya'll had bunches of'm the cops looked at ya'll real mean! Try goin to Wallyworld and buyin more than 2 of'm. They take ya'lls name and turn over to those big ole cops! Some folks [me included] used to buy it to use in weedeaters and of course, the camp stove. I'd sometimes buy more than 2 gallons at a time but have totally quit now. Gasoline lamps, gasoline irons and a host of other things that used white gasoline required this fine commodity. What in the world am I talkin about? COLEMAN GAS CANS!!!! Meth makers use the gasoline to cook down that "stuff" they sell and use. Several folks around this area have been burned real bad by their new selfemployment! Somehow I just can't feel too sorry for'm.

Have ya'll tried buyin Lye lately? In the small cans---forget Wallyworld. Well, in this area anyhow. For that necessity of countrylivin ya'll better find a small grocery or hardware store. We used to buy'm in case lots. Used it for to put on propane tanks to eat the many old layers of paint off--in order to repaint and make'm look new again. Worked real well when brushed on with a rig brush and hot water. Makin Lye soap is almost a thing of the past now too. Scaldin and scrapin a hog requires several cans of it.

Even with all the adverse conditions put upon us old hillbillys, I 'd much rather live in the country under these conditions that to live in the town or city. I may have to "put up" with these dopies out here but I think it would be much worse in town.

What have YOU done for Jesus Christ today? Have YOU told anybody about HIM? Time is short before His return. Lost souls will be turned into hell if they don't know Him. Tell a lost friend, neighbor or loved one about Him. I don't want anybody to experience hell and will do all that I can to prevent it. I've said before ---hand out Bible Tracts, send'm in all ya'lls mail. A cheap way to reach those we will never encounter in person. old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 15, 2001


Hey Hoot, try leaving some bible tracts in the spots where you are finding those neat gasoline cans! My son was started on his road to salvation by somebody handing him a bible tract when he was homeless in San Francisco....drug addicts and those who sell drugs sure need to hear the Word in any way we can get it to them....God bless.

-- lesley (, September 15, 2001.

My son-in-law was a drug addict for quite a few years, and was homeless when he finally wandered into a mission and got saved. My daughter met him at Bible college. So, yes, they can and do get saved. Just need someone to tell them about Jesus Christ. Easier for someone who KNOWS he's really hit bottom to give up self and accept his Savior than for someone who still thinks he or she is doing just fine on my own, thank you very much (read with nose in air! ;-).

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, September 15, 2001.

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