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Has anyone see anything like this? I heard something about it on ABC, but they cut the guest before he finished his observation.

-- bill (, September 15, 2001


That's what I have been asking since Tuesday. No one can answer me. My Dad is a pilot and one of my nephew's as well. They say that the airspace over DC is treated with much more scrutiny......It is one of the things that does not add up.

-- Doreen (, September 15, 2001.

I don't know what they were doing, but I do know we don't usually shoot down our airliners. (And if we did, and it was in fact over DC, wouldn't it have gone down on someone or something?)

-- mary (, September 15, 2001.

Supposedly, it does not matter if the Pope is one a plane that gets too close to certain building. They will shoot it out of the air without hesitation. Tom Clancy has a book where the plot line is that a disgruntled foreigner slams a Jumbo Jet into the capitol and kills everybody in Congress. Tom Clancy said he did not publish that until he asked one of his security friends about the scenarion, his friend replied that if anything got too close it comes down, regardless of whose one it, for the very reason that happened on Tuesday.

-- jason (, September 16, 2001.

That may be the official rule, but don't forget the small plane that crashed into the White House during the Clinton administration. Also, the original reports coming out of DC said that the plane had been clipping light poles and trees for 5 miles. It was questioned how it could keep flying after it had hit so much, and the response was basically that it was moving cajones against the wall, so to speak. This is not the time for division. We can worry about that later. So long as no one is voting away any of your Constitutional rights, don't worry about it. Worry instead that this may well be the first wave before either chemical or biological attack, or worse yet, an invasion. I still think it is highly possible that the attack was financed by our friends, the Chinese. They threaten us weekly anyway, and are already in Central America guarding the Panama Canal. Remember, Ben Laden is a terrorist prostitute. He will attack anyone as long as the price is right. He worked for us against the Russians in Afganistan, then he turned against us. If memory serves correctly, he also worked for the Russians and who knows how many others along the way. Keep your radios and TVs on, and keep your powder dry.

-- Green (, September 16, 2001.

It is so easy to criticize in hindsight. How many hijacked planes have been used as flying bombs before last week? In the few short minutes it took for these events to unfold, who could have imaging that these planes would have struck buildings? Suicide hijacking had never occured before. Hijackers have always used their actions to make a statement, or demand release for their comrades, or to get a ransom. Suicide bombings happen with one crazy Palestian blowing himself up in a crowded restaurant in Isreal, not with a jetliner flying into the World Trade Center or the Pentagon. The authorities were probably waiting to hear the hijackers' demands. The problem is, they had none. How do you react against the unimagineable?

-- Skip in Western WA (, September 16, 2001.

picture this scenario......WTC crashes occur..all planes commanded to land at nearest airport....plane out of Dulles airport has radio problems.....F16 fighter jets shoot down innocent Americans in the Dulles jet...jet debris lands all over DC higway system killing innocent commuters...USAF says "whoops, sorry, we thought they were hijacked by terrorists".....folks on the forums castigate the USAF for lack of judgement....OR, fighter jets get there in time and do what??????? shoot down the plane??? where??? under whose authority????????? there are just some times folks when you have to accept some things at face value..there ain't a government conspiracy under every rock..just under some.

-- lesley (, September 16, 2001.

First, I appreciate you taking a look at the site. I am not a conspiracy nut, I just thought it was strange that two jetliners crash into the WTC and Bush calls it terrorism from the FLA. Elementary School. Then a plane that took off an hour and a half before, crashes into the Pentagon. They had 12 minutes to activate some sort of alarm. I ask this. In any other case, could they have fighter jets over DC in less than 12 minutes. If not, WHY WAS THIS NOT THOUGHT OF BEFORE? We look to these people to have every scenario worked out. That is what we pay them for. Also, where is the anti- aircraft missle's that are supposed to be in place in Washington to protect our upper level of leadership? Keep the comments coming. I will be placing a thought of the week on the site. Please keep checking back...

-- Armadillo (, September 16, 2001.

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