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It seems that in our present day of enlightment [knowledge ] we have forgotten what it's like to experience those "old days" when we were all accustomed to be on our knees in prayer for America and indeed---each other. Those "old days" have been looked down upon by most "modern, well educated" folks who find them obsolete and not worthy of our precious time. Reverting back to those old days and praying is considered to be beneath our dignity. It appears that now a lot of folks are starting to embraced those "old obsolete" days which contained much prayer and leaning on the One who holds the future in His Mighty hands! None too soon, IMHO! America needs to repent and ask for forgivness. When America does then He will hear our prayer and answer. America is not too far down the tubes to be recovered---if we seek His face--NOW!!!

I've had some thoughts lately over this impending war. Our leaders are tellin us all the war will be long, prolonged and drawn out. I have a feeling in my being---IF America does seek His face, repents and looks to Him for guidance---this war may not be nearly as long as we hear. While we should be prepared for war as our leaders are sayin--Don't discount Almighty God! The entire universe was created by speaking of the WORD! Wars have been won---again by speaking the Word! What about the battle of Jerico--- marching 7 times around it--a shout!

Almighty God is STILL in control. His Word is EVERLASTING! What was true and correct "back then" is still true and correct now! God didn't leave us---we left Him!!

We, as a nation ordained by Almighty God to be a leader-and we as Christians need to realize that we haven't gotten too "important" or "outgrown" Him.

He will be sending Jesus Christ back for His own----shortly. I think this is the starting of the time of sorrows. Very shortly Jesus will come back, Christians will leave and the Tribulation will begin. When that time comes----I won't be here! My prayer is that whosoever reads this will trust in Jesus Christ, repent and go with all Christians at the first "Trump"! I'm looking for the Blessed Hope!! Are you? old hot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 16, 2001


Hoot, on our National Day of Prayer, I wonder how many people actually got to their knees and prayed for forgiveness and mercy and are showing a true repentence, and how many stood and shook their fists in God's face demanding revenge?

Before America can repent, we need to know what to repent from. It has been many decades since our country has felt any shame for our sins. Slapping the Ten Commandments up in public and telling our children to pray in school is not going to change our foreign policies that make us the most hated nation in the world. People do not hate us because we stand for freedom, they hate us because we stand for tyranny.

It was here in our own country during the Civil War that targeting civilians proved to be an effective strategy of battle.

During WWII, we shelled Dresden in Germany although it held no military signifigance, only civilians.

We defeated Japan by striking civilians.

In Vietnam, the call was made many times to wipe out civilian villages.

During the Gulf War and to this day, we strike civilian targets in Iraq.

Bosnia, the targets were civilian.

Even when it hasn't been us slaughtering civilians in other lands, we've supplied the firepower to other tyrants to kill civilians that didn't agree with their particular forms of "freedom." America is the one with the long standing policy of crossing the ocean to kill people on their own soil, why would be shocked that someone finally did it to us?

Should we stand up to God and demand Revenge and Justice? God have mercy on America if He grants revenge and justice to the world! No, we need to plead for mercy and repentence. We need to know shame so we can know what to repent FROM. It is time for sackcloth and ashes, folks, not a rallying war cry. If America is truly repentant, there will be no war.

-- Laura (, September 16, 2001.

Uh, Laura, my husband and I are Civil War historians..what civilian targets are you speaking of?????????? The burning of Atlanta perhaps? The hanging of John Brown????? The cannon balls through houses in Gettysburg? Please let me know what specific battle/engagement was directed towards civilians? And, do you read the bible? Do you see the parts where God told the Israelites that He would wipe out entire armies, cities and civilizations for them? Were there no small children in Sodom? Nobody had innocent babies drowned in the flood???? ALL armies of any nation at any time in civilized history have killed innocent is one of the horrors of war that folks living in a particular place at a time of war will be killed..children in their beds or their mothers' arms...old folks who cannot run from the enemy's fire..War is not is not kind, and it certainly is never something which should be sought out. To accuse the United States of America as being the bad guy is ludicrous. Our government has not been perfect..none are..but to even insinuate that anyone has the right and justification to murder more than 5000 of our citizens when NO WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED is asinine. America needs to repent alright..repent for immorality, repent for tossing Almighty God aside, repent for encouraging our children to spend their time alone in front of a video screen, repent for not being "one nation, under God."...Isaiah 55:7 should become the standard of this country, and pretty fast too. Without repentance for turning away from God, this country can be licked by a handful of an enemy. Read your bible, see how God does things and what His promises are. God bless.

-- lesley (, September 16, 2001.

As I set here in silent contemplatation I'm reminded of what we, as a country, were 50 years ago. Neighbors were treated like family whether they were actually related or not. Food, work and even livestock were shared without even a hint of compensation. That was just the way it was. Sunday's were reserved for Church! No "if's, and's or buts" about it---PEROID! The now famous "blue laws" were not even considered then either. The ONLY store open in our neck of the woods was Henry Worrells little country store. They were 7 day adventists [ I wrote about'm awhile back in the archives under "stories" ] and you didn't even think of goin over there on Saturday! They Honored Almighty God with their day of rest on the 7th day. Sunday afternoons were kinda lazy days usually taken up by visitin with family, friends and neighbors. No work was done except the chores of feedin the animals etc. On RARE occasions work was done if the "ox was in the ditch" but those were few and far between. Pap NEVER done any farm work [plantin, tending crops or harvesting them] on Sunday. He always said if he couldn't get it done in 6 days then the 7th wouldn't help out either.

Almighty God was the FIRST on Sundays. Time was when nobody felt ashamed to honor Him, praise HIm or pray to Him.

I still have the feeling in my being that He will heal our land and protect us again with His mighty hand---if we repent of our sins, turn from our wicked ways and SEEK His face! He is a jealous God and WILL NOT share His honor, praise and Glory with ANYBODY!

First I think we need to be on our knees in prayer--put HIM back in the schools, in public places and Honor Him in public like we did years and years ago. Back before it was "cool" to live like and for the devil.

If ya'll are readin this and are not saved---please consider Jesus Christ. He's the ONLY way to the Father. No other way exists! Eternity is just a heartbeat away for everybody---either through death or the rapture. I think everybody can agree that death will claim all except those caught up in the rapture. Death has no "hands off" policy if you're not a Christian or if you are. The Rapture does! Non-Christian? You WON'T be in the rapture.

Please remember this great nation in prayer, our leaders and all those hurting. The emergency workers needs our prayers too.

Old hoot, the Redeemed, Gibson. Matt.24:44

-- hoot gibson (, September 17, 2001.

There's a lot to be said about the old ways, but didn't ya know we are in a New Age? This age is typified by several things. First, there is the enemy from the north spoken of in Joel 1. They devour with their jaw teeth and are illustrative of a human foe. If you look it up in the strong's you will find that these are 'false teachers' that devour the fig tree. Secondly, you have the apostacy found in II Thess. 2:1 The great falling away of those who called themselves christians, and were turned over to a spirit of delusion. Many generations of people have now ridden the shirt tales of their forefathers and know of God, but don't know Him personally. Being a churchgoer does not make a Christian. Third, we have those who are being tested by fire of purification found in Daniel 11:32-35, who are being surrounded by hypocrites and flatteries. The question being asked here seems to be, "Will you follow me even if there is no one else who is faithful?" A lot of wounded Christians will come out of this and those who are not strong in the Lord will not make it. Finally, Jesus asked "Will there be faith in the earth when the Son of Man returns?" He was referring to the end times. He is referring to persistent faith, and that kind of faith that Elijah had in James chapter 5.

This kind of faith does not come easily, it is won through endurance. Why should people get on their knees if they do not believe their prayers are answered? Why should a people get on their knees if the churches have told them, "God doesn't work like that anymore?" I tell you that this generation needs to learn to seek God not on their terms, but on His terms. Those terms are blatantly spelled out in His Word. The people of this generation have no idea what those terms are.

Moses, Joseph, Jacob, Rachel, Abraham, David, Elijah all these saints of God understood the terms of prayer.

1. You must know your position. 2. You must believe that God will answer. 3. You must dare to be brave enough to ask the impossible. 4. You must be persistent. 5. You must gaurd that ground which God gave you until He answers. 6. You must share in your rejoicing so that others will see the wisdom in trusting in God, 'for it shall be wisdom in the site of the people.' Most people are not won with words. They are won through results. What kind of results can you share with others? What kind of praise comes out of your mouth for this God that you claim to worship? That is the one thing that differentiates us from the heathen and their idols. We have a living God, they have idols made with the hands of men that do not hear and do not rescue.

-- Stephanie Nosacek (, September 18, 2001.

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