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 Pakistan political groups oppose air space to America

Islamabad, Sept 16, IRNA -- An All Parties Conference (APC) Sunday demanded of the government of Pakistan not to allow any country to use land and air space and take the nation into confidence about the developments after terrorist attacks in the United States.

According to NNI, the APC, attended by some 40 parties, urged the U.S. President George Bush not to rush for any pre-calculated, illogical and unjustified military option against any single country or person without any substantial proof as such a move would amount to terrorism.

The conference, organized By Jamaat-e-Islami, noted with concern that there is no justification on the part of Washington to put illogic demands to Pakistan for paving its way to strike Afghanistan without even establishing the real culprits behind the WTC and Pentagon tragedy.

It called upon the United States to also look into the real causes leading to such scale reaction by the forces involved in the Sept 11 terror attacks against the Unites States.

The APC said that despite spontaneous condemnation of these attacks by the entire Muslim world, the Muslim community was being harassed unjustifiably in the Unites States and their life and property was no more safe there.

It expressed shock and grief over the loss of innocent human lives in New York and Washington and urged the U.S-based Pakistani community to take active part in the relief and rehabilitation operations on humanitarian grounds. The APC raised sympathy with the victims of this tragedy and condoled with the bereaved families, observing that the level of planning of the terrorist attacks itself reflect that it was not the job of Palestinians, Arabs and Afghans. "Rather, it might be the handy work of Israel's secret agency and its other allies having sophisticated know how in the modern day technology." TK/AK End ::irna 23:33

-- Swissrose (, September 16, 2001


Are they trying to blame Isreal for this? That is unbelievable.

-- Case (, September 16, 2001.

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