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Not too much happenin here at the house of Lil Dumplin! Oh, I guess I live here too! Me'n ole Calvin the cat. "It" had to be hollered in awhile ago. The old dummy was fightin some other cat I guess. Couldn't see'm for the darkness tho. I do believe that cat gets dummer and dummer each year!

Today was a fulfilling day around here. First thing I noticed was a big ball of red wasps in the "car pocket". A cup fulla unleaded regular took care of all I hit with it. Problem was I didn't hit the entire nest. Talk about MAD! Why those raskels most stung the old fat hillbilly. Had to run real fast for ------2 steps! That most wore me out too. Left'm set a spell while we had a look see at my oldest Brothers house about 25 miles away. Came back those nasty stingers were back on their nest. More Gasoline. This time they were done for. While look'n at'm I spied another wad of'm about 10 ft away. These I hit the first time with the gasoline. After still another little nest of ill tempered red'ns---more gas---I had a "set down" to rest a spell. Next thing to contend with was a mole. That thing had torn up more of my beautiful manicured lawn [yeah right ] than I do come garden build'n time. Never caught'm but will in a few days. 12 gauges work just fine.

On the way to Brothers [ not ole jeeps ] house noticed about a kazillion grasshoppers on the blacktop road and then the highway. A most rewarding game of tryin to rund'm over with the Pickup. Hard little devils to hit tho. I try and miss all the "wooly worms" but will kill every grasswhacker I can. That'll probably make some folks mad but if it does----! Those eatin machines can devestate a bean crop before ya'll know it.

Looked for a truck rim this afternoon too. Fix'n to make a "fire ring" so's Lil Dumplin, Calvin the cat and the old hillbilly can set outside and watch our woodfire burn. Real excitment to some but for us it's "old hat"! Mite even throw a grate over it and make some coffee, cook a hunk of hog, chik or turk. Bolony ain't fit to eat cooked anyway but is edible when cooked over a woodfire.

Believe I'll call it a day---prepare to start another week of bein lazy. Sure hope no more grief this week like we had last week. That was enough to last a lifetime.

Please pray for our nation, our leaders, those affected by this terrible act---and most of all---please pray for revival. America needs to turn from it's wicked ways --- Put Jesus Christ back as the One whom we turn to--in good times as well as bad. Please also pray one for another. old hoot. Matt. 24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 16, 2001

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