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Bin Laden planned nerve gas attack on EU

AFP Monday 17 September 2001

Terror groups financed by the Saudiborn extremist Osama bin Laden planned to release deadly sarin nerve gas into the European parliament building last February, but German police foiled the attempt, a British paper said today.

The Sunday Telegraph, quoting sources close to British antiterrorist forces, said: "A six strong terror cell funded by the Saudi fugitive planned to kill all 625 euroMPs, and scores of officials, by releasing sarin gas into the parliament building", located in the eastern French city of Strasbourg.

The planned attack, which was to have taken place between February 11 and 14, would have been "the first in a series of assaults against prominent buildings across Europe", the report said.

The paper said Algerian terrorists based in London and funded directly by Bin Laden had worked with counterparts in Milan and Frankfurt, but the plan had fallen apart when German police smashed the Frankfurt operation.

It added that six of the terrorists had been arrested in London and charged under the British Prevention of Terrorism Act, but the charges had later been withdrawn and the men released so that their activities could be monitored.

Bin Laden, who is said to be living in Afghanistan, has been named as the numberone suspect in suicide plane attacks which have killed more than 5,000 people in New York and Washington last Tuesday.

-- Martin Thompson (, September 17, 2001


Yes, sad to say, this sort of thing is coming next.

Time to stop this mad man is NOW.

-- JackW (, September 17, 2001.

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