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i have a brownie cresta 3 and another one which looks like a hawkeye c.c model. I am looking to sell these.

* If anyone can tell me how to identify which model the hawkeye one actually is, that would be great.

* These are in pretty good shape. What is a fair price for them ?

* if anyone wishes to buy them, please contact me with an offer.

* I also have a kodak sterling II, a king regula L and a canon af35m camera. Can anyone tell me a good site to find a fair price for them (ebay is possibly best to sell it i guess :))

thanks, nitin

-- nitin garg (, September 17, 2001


Thanks for the response. The leather handle just said brownie on it and on going over the body closely i found the bottom has USE FILM No 116, No 2a BROWNIE emblemed on it along with a plate marking it to be made in canada (S/N 14958) which i guess settles the questions :)


-- nitin garg (, September 18, 2001.

Hawk-Eye models

On many of the basic Hawk-Eye box cameras the only model designation is on the handle, if this is missing you really have a problem. From my experience a lot of these models are virtually identical and indeed may have been given different model designations simply to enable Kodak (or whoever) to be sure of it's origins in the event of a warranty claim, bearing in mind that many of these cameras weren't "nrmal retail items", but used as promotional items by third-party companies.

-- Chris Eve (, September 18, 2001.

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