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Report: Various news media said that a car bomb had exploded outside the State Department. Hundreds of Washington workers scurried from nearby offices

Reality: It proved false, as did subsequent reports of further explosions at the US Capitol and the Old Executive office building next to the White House

Report: Another hijacked plane was heading below radar for Washington. It was variously said to be aimed at the White House or the Pentagon, which was already in flames from a first hit

Reality: There was no second plane in Washington


Report: There were 800 dead in the Pentagon. Military officials, who had believed the number to be much lower, were shocked

Reality: The death toll was 190

Report: Widespread rumours of petrol shortages caused queues at thousands of garages across the country and in some cases provoked a sharp rise in prices

Reality: There was never any official suggestion of supply problems and there haven't been any since


Report: Five firefighters trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center since Tuesday had been rescued. The story was celebrated around the world

Reality: It wasn't true. Wrong information was proving 'very dangerous and emotionally damaging', complained mayor Rudolph Giuliani

-- Rich Marsh (, September 18, 2001

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