Power Outage Hits Burbank

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Power Outage Hits Burbank (KFWB) 9.18.01 10:10a -- Officials in Burbank say a major, newly-installed power transformer failed this morning, causing a citywide power outage.

"A brand new multi-million-dollar piece of equipment we just put in failed," Ron Davis, General Manager of Burbank Water and Power, told KFWB.

It will take two to four hours to restore electricity to all customers, officials said.

KFWB received calls from residents throughout the area. Some studios located in Burbank lost power and reportedly were operating on back-up generators.

Burbank is home to a number of studios, including Warner Brothers and NBC.

The power outage caught city officials by surprise when it first hit at about 8:30am today.

KFWB's Dirck Morgan reports from near Burbank Airport that the outage appeared to end at the city's borders. A neighborhood along Alameda Street in Glendale, bordering Burbank, also lost power. Other neighboring cities did not report problems.

Witnesses report that the outage happened in quick succession -- power first dimmed then went off.

Dirck Morgan reports that at one intersection, the loss of power and dark traffic lights caused an accident. A car went through the intersection without treating it like a four-way stop, and crashed into a studio truck. There were no apparent injuries.

Intersections where traffic lights are not working are supposed to be treated like four-way stops.

-- PHO (owennos@bigfoot.com), September 18, 2001

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