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we just got a baby calf today and opened the milk replacer and there was a cup inside but no directions of how to mix. the brand is snowflake. the cup has 6 oz and 4 oz marks on it but how much per quart??

-- Donald W. Amon (, September 19, 2001


That's a funny one. Seems like there would be instructions on the bag. Does the bag have a card sewn along the seam where you opened the bag? It might also be at the bottom seam.

Most milk replacer that I've seen with a small cup is for one quart of water. So the 6 oz mark would be for large size calves like 90- 100 pound Holsteins and the 4 oz mark would be for 60-80 pound calves like Jerseys.

Generally, milk replacer is bagged with a cup for either one serving (two quarts of water), or one quart of water. The large cups are pretty obvious when you see them. They are drinking glass size, not small like what you have.

Hope this helps. :)

-- Jennifer L. (Northern NYS) (, September 20, 2001.

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