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When I called the post office the Post Master said the statements on TV were not yet true. The Mail service has NOT returned to using airplanes. He said that "To tell the truth" Priority mail could now take 7-10 business days. He also said that there is no immediate plans that he knows of to resume using air transport.


I do not get that. As far as I know Mail planes do not allow passengers. Did I miss something?

-- Kenneth in N.C. (, September 21, 2001


Yes it IS slow. We found that out when we needed papers for a goat show. They were mailed on the 9th, got here yesterday. I'm sure glad we finally had them faxed in!!

-- Rebekah (, September 21, 2001.

It's slow here, except the bills. We're waiting on a couple music cd's. Hope they get here before we move, or that will be a longer wait.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, September 21, 2001.

I was under the impressionthat the major airlines, Fed Ex, etc. (basically anybody who flys and has spare cargo space) are contracted by the USPS to transport the mail, and the USPS doesn't have an air fleet of it's own.

-- Eric in TN (, September 24, 2001.

Not only are they not using the air, do you realize that each main post office employs someone who checks packages for bombs, etc.?

Our pastor used to do this when he worked for the post office and he has some stories to tell.

I imagine that after the 11th, they are particularly careful about what is sent through the mails.

I ordered a pressure canner on ebay and the guy sent it through UPS just prior to the 11th. He emailed me and told me that when he got there they tore open the box and just about annihilated it. That's about what the box looked like when I got it.

The pressure canner needed a replacement part and I odered it, UPS paid me back for the parts without even filling out a form. I suppose they xrayed it or something and thought it was dangerous?

-- stephanie nosacek (, September 25, 2001.

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