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There seems to be several of us posting websites where we get our information. I am interested in knowing where some of you are getting your news and information as well as share some sites that some of you may find interesting.

Here is one for Jump Off Joe and the rest of us conspiracy theorists:

A pretty good newsite:

Federation of American Scientists:

I will post more tomorrow.

-- Laura (, September 22, 2001


WOW, Laura! So glad you posted that. Looking forward to more - thanks!

-- Bonnie (, September 22, 2001.

That :what really happened: site covers almost everything that is really scarey about this on a national level. Thanks, I think.

Please check out another site on Lusenet called Preparations at Home or something very much like that. it has some excellent links to older y2k info re. bug out bags, etc.

For educational purposes:

has some tremedously well documented historical audio tapes regarding the manipulation of the stock market pre great Depression and the ruling powers of the international bankers and the Fed fraud. Highly reccommended.

Another site that has excellent news links is:

although I have had some rather heated email exchanges with the man regarding the bashing of all muslims (and therefore any middle easterners in his mind) that he is doing on his radio show lately. The info is good, but the guy is whacked on his stance with middle easterners.

Ther are more sites under the other sites section of the archives here as well.

-- Doreen (, September 23, 2001.

I finally had time to read those two articles in toto ( and one thing really stands out to me--- Neither one of the articles alleging the US had previous plans to attack Afghanistan has any names of the US officials who relayed that info. (?)

-- (, September 23, 2001.

I've posted this site before but we have new members who may not have seen it. I am addicted to this site: Yes, it is from prey2k days but has stayed together and these people have great news sources.

-- Deena in GA (, September 24, 2001.

Yes, Doreen, Whatreallyhappened usually doesn't cite its sources and that seems to affect their credibility. But, this Afghanistan thing, I was reading about this in foreign newspapers and a couple of other places before posted this information. We found that if you want to take the time to research their facts they are ususally quite accurate.

Another site that some may find interesting:

-- Laura (, September 24, 2001.

Hey! I learned how to make a hot link so we don't have to cut and paste all the time if we want to see something. Here's how-

click and highlight the address you want to make a link for. Then click on edit and copy it.
Then when you write your message and are ready to put in your link, type this in first < a href =

Then paste the address, being sure to put it in " on both sides of it.

After that, type the name of the site or what it's about, for example, Here is a link about gardens. Then type /a, and enclose it in < > marks. If I did it just the way I'm telling you, it would make a link and you couldn't see how to do it.

Here is where it told how: Lusenet- how to make hot links

-- Rebekah (, September 24, 2001.

Thanks, Rebekah. I am still trying to master cut and paste and copy. Eventually, I will tackle hotlinks.

Right Wing Commentaries:

-- Laura (, September 24, 2001.

مقابل ہے آئينه – حضرة استاذ الحديث دامت بركاتهم كي تحارير

-- Full Name (Laura (, September 22, 2003.

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