Has anyone picked up on this before?

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In an effort to gain background from sources other than those strictly within the USA on the situation in the middle east, I have frequently read exerpts from the GICC on Lusenet here. Last night I read one titled "Alliance With Pakistan Will Stimulate Drug Trade, Bring Revenues Under U. S. Control". It had some disturbing information on the background of the Bush administration and that of VP Cheney. Has anyone heard of this before and what is your take on it? Could this lead to a complication of our pursuit of the terrorists or are the people being played in a much larger game? Serious question as I found the rather well documented article bothersome.

-- Sandra Nelson (Magin@starband.net), September 22, 2001


Sandra, can you give a url so I can read the article? Thanks.

-- Kathleen Sanderson (stonycft@worldpath.net), September 22, 2001.

http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id= 006RkO


-- jumpoff joe (jumpoff@ecoweb.net), September 22, 2001.

Hey, that message is gone. Did you happen to copy it anyone?

-- (ahoy@yemates.boat), September 23, 2001.

I copied the url to the source of the article but don't know how to send a direct link. You'll have to cut and paste.: www.copvcia.com/stories/previous/bush-cheney-drugs.html

-- Sandra Nelson (Magin@starband.net), September 23, 2001.

Oh man. Guys, it just stinks that these things always truly ARE about money and power.

I am looking for the exception continually, and not finding it.

To answer your queries, no I hadn't heard this take before, and most definitely yes, if it is all true, it will complicate things even more and cause a fair amount of strife between us here.

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), September 23, 2001.

I read the article, will have to re-read it several times to fully understand it (if that is possible without more information). But it doesn't sound good.

-- Kathleen Sanderson (stonycft@worldpath.net), September 23, 2001.

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